SAIC MAXUS Debuted an All-New Concept Pickup At Chengdu Auto Show


SAIC Maxus officially released the SAIC NEW pickup concept car model at 2020 Chengdu Auto Show. The new concept pickup features an off-road style as a whole, and the overall shape is expected to be the future design style of other SAIC MAXUS models.

In terms of appearance, the new pickup continues the family-style design as a whole. The large-mouth front air intake grille is very aggressive, and the LED daytime running lights running across the front of the car increase the horizontal visual width. The design of the fang vents on both sides of the bumper also adds a fierce feeling.

On the side of the body, the new pickup’s wide front and rear fenders and black wheel eyebrows further enhance the new pickup’s tough off-road style, it is also equipped with a roof trunk, and the rear cargo gantry is integrated with the front half of the car, making the shape more natural and smooth. The new car also uses a six-spoke wheel, and one of the spokes is decorated with red decoration, which adds a unique personality to the new car.

At the rear part, the new car uses a sturdy rear bumper, the taillights are a semi-enclosed design, and the “MAXUS” logo in the middle of the tailgate makes the new car highly recognizable.

In the interior, the new pickup features a dual-screen design of a full LCD instrument panel and a central control multimedia touch screen, with a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel and a yacht-style electronic shift lever, which will greatly increase the luxury of the new car’s interior. It is worth mentioning that the air conditioning control area is designed for touch, and its display functions are all integrated in the central control screen. The overall interior design of the new car is not as tough as its appearance. It is more inclined to increase the sense of luxury and technology. It is believed that in the future these design styles will be reflected in all models of SAIC MAXUS.

In terms of power, in addition to diesel power, Maxus NEW pickup will be powered by a variety of new energy power options such as pure electric, hybrid, and fuel cells. In terms of traditional diesel engines, the newly-tuned “SAIC π” Bi-Turbo twin-turbo diesel engine has a peak torque of more than 510N·m, taking into account the combination of power and fuel economy. In addition, Maxus NEW pickup will be available with a new-gen car networking system based on 5G technology and is able to realize L4 intelligent driving functions.