SAIC Roewe MAX Renamed to Roewe RX5 MAX, Facelift of Roewe RX5?


We learned from SAIC-Roewe official that Roewe MAX, which was unveiled at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, was officially named “Roewe RX5 MAX” . From the name we guess the RX5 MAX might be considered as facelift of current Roewe RX5. According to the official, the “MAX” in its name is the abbreviation of English “Make Attitude Xtreme”, means “excellent quality, the ultimate in life”.

The overall design style of Roewe RX5 MAX is square. The headlights of the new car are connected to the front grille, while the outside is surrounded by chrome-plated trim. The style is similar to that of the current Roewe RX5 and RX8, which is more family-oriented. Roewe RX5 MAX uses a new style of headlights, the outer ring LED strip with a fold line design is connected to the grille, while the interior uses dot matrix LED light source, which has a good visual effect.

On the side of the car, Roewe RX5 MAX also adopts a rigid design style, and the rich waistline with the chrome trim of the window also adds a sense of fashion. In the rear part of the car, the taillights of the new car adopt the design of the ring-mounted LED light strip, its shape echoes with the headlights. In terms of body size, Roewe RX5 MAX measures at 4647/1891/1725mm and wheelbase of 2760mm, the overall bodywork is larger than Roewe RX5.

In terms of power, Roewe RX5 MAX will be powered by “BlueCore” 2.0TGI engine with maximum power of 170 kW(227hp) and peak torque of 370 Nm. In addition, according to previous information, the car will also provide a 1.5T engine with maximum power of 127 kW(170hp). In the transmission system, it is expected to be in line with the Roewe RX5. The 1.5T model matches the 6-speed manual or the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, while the 2.0T model matches the 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox. We will continue to pay attention for more information on Roewe RX5 MAX.

Chinese consumers have a special liking for “large space”. In particular, the joint venture brands represented by Audi and Volkswagen often use their best to expand the vehicles to meet the needs of Chinese consumers. Roewe has begun to follow suit. The Roewe i6 and Roewe i6 PLUS are a good example, Roewe RX5 MAX is also the same strategy, Roewe RX5 MAX can be considered the upgrade version of Roewe RX5 in terms of appearance, space, configuration and other aspects, comprehensively improve the cost-effectiveness, so as to better compete with competing products.