SAIC Roewe Debuted all-new pure EV Roewe ER6 with new “R” badge


On May 10th, Beijing time, SAIC Roewe officially released the new Roewe R LOGO. In addition, Roewe’s all-new pure electric car-ER6 officially debuted. It is worth mentioning that the new car’s battery range may be 605km.

In terms of appearance, SAIC Roewe ER6 uses the exclusive design language of Roewe brand new energy models, which is unique in design and has a high degree of originality. Roewe ER6 adopts SAIC Roewe’s “smart design” concept, the front face uses a closed grille design. A black trim panel is set above the grille shape, which is integrated with the shape of the headlight groups on both sides, making the new car full of sense of technology and fashion.

In terms of body size, Roewe ER6 has a length of 4724/1835 / 1493mm and a wheelbase of 2715mm, positioning a compact pure electric car. In terms of styling, the new car uses a slip-back styling, highlighting the dynamic. In the rear part, the new car uses the new Roewe R standard. The shape of the rear light group on both side echoes with the headlight group. The black trim added below also enhances the rear layering.

In terms of power, Roewe ER6 is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum horsepower of 184Ps. The new car is equipped with a ternary lithium battery pack, NEDC battery range or 605km.