SAIC Announces an upgraded Roewe RX5 PLUS in China


In an event organized by the China International Trade Commission during the Chinese Spring Festival, the local automaker SAIC Motor officially announced its latest model, the Roewe RX5 PLUS. The vehicle features significantly improved interior and exterior appearance, which speaks of the company’s focus to prioritize aesthetics and performance. One of the major highlights of Roewe RX5 PLUS is the use of a new black badge. ROEWE also plans to debut an all-new im8 concept car soon.


ROEWE RX5 PLUS, which is a mid-term facelift model comes with an all-new Roewe logo set in a black background, the new logo features a black diamond-shaped woven grille.

The design of the lighting system has also changed with the installation of a new pair of daytime running lights, the lighting system creates a visual effect that is enhanced by the chrome trim strip, which extends from the grille to the upper edge of the interior of the light system. We’re also learning that the RX5 PLUS may include a bar-type front light design, this will enhance its recognition in nighttime driving conditions.

The new vehicle body design is consistent with that of ROEWE RX5 but with more chrome decorations in the tail and polygon-shaped taillights connected to the Chrome trim strip. It also has “RX5 PLUS” emblazoned on the bottom right of the tail.

Interior Design:

The RX5 PLUS interior features an encircling cockpit design, with a central display console positioned towards the driver’s side. The overall style borrows heavily from the RX5 MAX but with significantly improved technology offering and texture.

In terms of configuration, the RX5 PLUS will use a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel, it will also come equipped with a 14.3-inch slim floating curved central control LCD screen (using a 2.5D full-fit glass panel) and is equipped with Zebra 3.0 system and a 12.3-inch panoramic AR mode LCD instrument. There are a wireless charging module and other configurations that further enhance the practicality of the car.


The company has not disclosed much about the vehicle’s powertrain, but considering that the current ROEWE RX5 features 169 horsepower, 1.5 four-cylinder turbocharged engine with 250N peak torque, it is likely to have the same 6-speed manual or 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox though.