2020 Roewe Ei5 goes on sale in China with 420 km range


Recently, we learned from SAIC Roewe‘s official website that the 2020 Roewe Ei5 was officially launched. 4 models are offered for the new car, the price range after the subsidy was RMB 130,800 to RMB 160,800, which was 2,000 yuan higher than the price range of the old models. There are adjustments in configuration.

Roewe Ei5 is SAIC’s first wagon designed entirely based on the new energy pure electric architecture, SAIC also claimed it “the world’s first pure electric Internet wagon”, debuted at the Guangzhou Auto Show on November 17, 2017, and listed on March 21, 2018 in Chinese market.

2020 Roewe Ei5 has the same exterior / interior design as the old model, but the new Roewe Ei5 comes standard with LED headlights and tire pressure monitoring, and has upgraded the heat pump air conditioner, which can adjust the interior temperature of the car without affecting the vehicle’s battery range.

In terms of power, 2020 Roewe Ei5 is powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 116 horsepower and a peak torque of 255 N · m. It is equipped with a 52.5kWh ternary lithium battery. The NEDC comprehensive operating range is 420km (260miles), it only takes 40 minutes to charge the battery from 0 to 80% in fast charging mode.