2019 Roewe RX3 To Be Ready in China Market, Highlight is The Rear Row Child Safety Seat


The 2019 Roewe RX3 will be officially launched on June 17. The highlight of the 2019 Roewe RX3 is the child safety seat, it is integrated with a child safety seat on the rear row seat. According to the official, it takes only four steps to complete the switch between the ordinary rear seat and the child safety seat. In addition, the panoramic sunroof will be the standard configuration and meet China VI emission standards.

SAIC Roewe RX3 was debuted on Nov. 2017, it is positioned in a compact SUV, slotting in below Roewe RX5, with a price range of 89,800-135,800 yuan in China market.

The 2019 Roewe RX3 keeps the same design as the current model. Roewe RX3 continues the Roewe family-style design elements, the overall style tends to Roewe RX5, with an inverted trapezoidal chrome grille and eagle-eye headlights, the taillight group uses LED light sources.

2019 Roewe RX3 is basically the same as the current model in terms of styling. The very interesting upgrade is that the new car is equipped with an integrated safety child seat, it can meet the needs of adults and children from about 3 to 12 years old by switching between two states. The installation work can be completed less than 20s after the skilled operation, effectively solving the problem that the child safety seat occupies the space inside the vehicle.

Roewe RX3 has a length, width and height of 4408/1804/1651mm and wheelbase of 2625mm. The cargo space can hold 8 20-inch boxes or 4 24-inch boxes, and there are 25 humanized storage spaces in the car. Panoramic sunroof of Roewe RX3 reaches 1.19m2, in active safety. In terms of protection, Roewe RX3 is equipped with 12 safety functions, and the front side airbags are equipped as standard.

Roewe RX3 is powered by a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine and a 1.3-Liter turbocharged engine. The maximum power is 92kW (125Ps) and 120kW (163Ps), respectively, and the peak torque is 158Nm and 230Nm respectively. The transmission will be equipped with 6AT (1.3T), manual (1.6L) and CVT (1.6L) gearboxes supplied by Aisin. According to official data, the 1.6L model consumes only 5.6L of fuel per 100km.

Roewe’s Internet system, which was carried out in various Roewe models, was upgraded to the Internet car intelligent system “Zibra” on the Roewe RX3. It supports Internet functions such as intelligent voice interaction, online multi-function map, and Alipay application. It has also added more personalized and socialized services, such as food maps, team trips, and self-driving tourkeepers.