MG ONE-β Listed in the Chinese Market


On March 28, MG‘s official compact SUV, the MG ONE-β, was officially launched. The new car launched a total of 4 variants with a price range of 99,800-122,800 yuan. The car is based on MG’s new platform architecture SIGMA, this is the first model of the platform. Previously, MG ONE-α, the sister model, was launched on December 2, 2021. The two are mainly distinguished in appearance details, of which MG ONE-α mainly focuses on sports & smart., MG ONE-β focuses on technology and fashion.

In terms of appearance, the front face of the MG ONE-β is significantly different from that of the MG ONE-α. The MG ONE-β features a multi-spoke front grille, the size of the grille is not small, and the headlights are located on the front engine compartment cover.

From the side of the body, the slightly raised wheel eyebrows at the front and rear of the new car, combined with the sloping rear roof and C-pillar, bring more dynamic lines and create a swooping posture. At the rear, the new car features a new style of taillight design, which echoes the headlights. Specifically, the overall design of its taillights is relatively long and narrow, and the internal structure is decorated with horizontal and vertical light strips.

In terms of interior, the new car features a cockpit design with a sense of technology, and the triple-screen design with a “polygonal” design is quite eye-catching, which can create a more intense technological atmosphere in the car. At the same time, the center console of the new car adopts a rather simple layout, and we can hardly see the traditional physical buttons.

In terms of power, the new car is based on SAIC’s intelligent global modular architecture SIGMA super-matrix, powered by a new MEGA Tech 1.5T high-power engine with a maximum power of 181 horsepower and a peak torque of 285 Nm. In terms of transmission, it is matched with the new MEGA Tech CVT325 continuously variable transmission.