MG Hector Plus Officially Released by Three Power Combination in India Auto Show


During the 2020 New Delhi Auto Expo, the MG Hector Plus officially launched. MG Hector Plus is a 6 / 7-seater version of the MG Hector, and both are sister models of the Baojun 530. The official said that it will be officially launched in the Indian market in the second half of this year. In terms of power, MG Hector Plus will be equipped with three power options: 1.5T gasoline engine, 1.5T gasoline engine + 48V mild hybrid system (MHEV) and 2.0T diesel.

In terms of appearance, MG Hector Plus has basically continued the appearance language of its family design style. But through comparison, we found that the new car is still very different from the MG Hector in some details. The most obvious change is the front grille shape, the MG Hector Plus has been fitted with a more compact chrome front grille, which is larger and more integrated. At the same time, the split headlight uses a dual-lens lamp group, and bar-style design is no longer used in the shape. In addition, the shape of the silver panel around the bottom of the MG Hector Plus is different.

In the side section, the MG Hector Plus is exactly the same as the MG Hector and uses the same rim style. The black-painted B / C / D pillars also create the visual effect of floating roof.

In the rear part, the changes of the MG Hector Plus are mainly focused on the rear bumper shape. The deliberate red bar-type light panel below was cancelled, while the shape of its silver trim panel was also different. Overall, the new car is concise and smooth. However, the new car uses LED taillights of the same style as the MG Hector, giving the new car a stronger sense of technology.

The interior trim debuted at India Auto Show

No real car interior map was released this time. But according to the pictures at the press conference, we can learn that MG Hector Plus continues the same interior design as the MG Hector. The overall style of the interior is more likely a family style, and leather wrapping is used in many places to enhance the interior texture. At the same time, the center control part also uses a 10.4-inch vertical large screen and is featured with iSmart vehicle system, which supports English voice control of Indian accents. In terms of seat layout, the 6-seat version will use a 2 + 2 + 2 seat layout, and the 7-seat model will use a 2 + 3 + 2 seat layout.

This is the interior of MG Hector

In terms of power, MG Hector Plus will provide three power options: 1.5T gasoline engine, 1.5T gasoline engine + 48V MHEV and 2.0T diesel. Among them, the maximum power of the 1.5T fuel version / 1.5T light hybrid model is 143 hp and the peak torque is 250 Nm; the maximum power of the 2.0T diesel model is 170 hp and the peak torque is 350 N · m. In terms of transmission system, the 1.5T fuel version models match 6-speed manual or 6-speed dual-clutch transmissions, while 1.5T light hybrid models and 2.0T diesel models only provide 6-speed manual transmissions. In addition, all three models will use front-wheel drive.