MG eHS Get Offline, the PHEV of MG HS, Max. Power of 300HP


Recently, SAIC-MG held the MG eHS offline ceremony at the Ningde production base, the fourth largest production base of SAIC in China. This is the first time this model has officially met with the public. The new car is positioned in the plug-in hybrid compact SUV. It is the third new energy vehicle of the MG brand after the MG 6 PHEV and the pure electric MG EZS, MG eHS will also land in the European market in the future. The appearance of the new car continues the design language of the MG HS (fuel version), which will use a plug-in hybrid drive system consisting of a 1.5T engine and a front-mounted e-motor.

Body size of 4574/1876/1685mm, wheelbase 2720mm, which is almost the same as MG HS.

In terms of appearance, the shape of MG eHS is almost the same as that of the MG HS, rhe overall design of the new car adopts a sporty and fashionable design style. The large-sized grille and the sharp headlight design also add a bit of sports sense.

The shape of the rear is round and full, and the bilateral exhaust layout is still retained. The silver diffuser at the bottom enhances the sportiness of the rear. Because it is a plug-in hybrid model, the tail of the vehicle has also changed to “eHS”.

In terms of interiors, the MG eHS 50t layout basically continues the design of the fuel version, the overall fashion is dynamic, the biggest change in the new car is the replacement of the electronic gear, and the new sports seat with red stitching treatment, which will bring better wrapping and visual effects to consumers.

In terms of power, MG eHS is powered by a plug-in hybrid drive system consisting of a 1.5T engine with maximum power of 124kW (166hp) and a e-motor with maximum power of 90kW (120hp), and a 10 speed EDU gearbox is matched, the system has a combined maximum power of 224 kW (300hp) and maximum torque of 408 N·m.