Facelift Roewe i6 PLUS launches in China Market


A few days ago, SAIC announced that Roewe i6 PLUS will be officially launched on March 29. This is facelift of Roewe i6, matched with 1.5T and 1.6L engines.

In terms of appearance, Roewe i6 PLUS adopts a new front face design. The grille has a larger size and integrated with the headlights. In addition, the details such as the front bumper are also adjusted, for example, the more stylish Y-shape chrome-plated trim.

For the interior, Roewe i6 PLUS will be equipped with a 7-inch full LCD instrument and a 10.4-inch central control panel, as well as a Zebra-based multimedia system based on AliOS. In addition, the ADAS active safety system will also appear in the configuration of Roewe i6 PLUS, which will improve the safety of the new car.

In terms of power, Roewe i6 PLUS will be equipped with 1.5T and 1.6L engines. The maximum power of the 1.5T engine is 124kW (169PS) , the official parameters of the new 1.6L engine are not announced. For reference, such as the 1.6L engine on the Roewe RX3, the maximum power is 92kW (125PS), the peak torque is 158N·m, it matches the CVT gearbox.