All ZXAUTO(Zhongxing Automobile)

The predecessor of Hebei Zhongxing Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1949 as a military ordnance repair shop of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. It was a joint venture company established in December 1999 with a registered capital of US$30 million and total assets of US$119 million. It is currently the largest domestic modern pickup truck and SUV production enterprise with complete independent intellectual property rights and vehicle research and development capabilities. It is the birthplace of China’s first domestic brand pickup truck with independent intellectual property rights. It is a national automobile export base, a National high-tech enterprise. The company already has three global production bases and a product R&D center with Hebei Zhongxing, Yichang Zhongxing and overseas KD factories as the main body. The leading products include two series of pickups and SUVs, and more than 20 varieties. All products have multiple configurations and have obtained multiple national patents.