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BESTUNE was founded on May 18, 2006 and is a Chinese automobile brand owned by FAW (First Auto Works). It mainly produces SUV, sedan and other passenger cars.

On October 17, 2018, FAW BESTUNE released the “New Bestune” brand development strategy and officially launched the new LOGO “Window of the World”. At the same time, the new Bestune brand will also officially launch the newly designed English logo: “BESTUNE” (formerly, it was “Besturn”.

“BESTUNE” is composed of “BEST” and “TUNE”: “BEST” symbolizes the best, highest and most suitable, and represents the good wishes of the new Bestune brand to provide users with top-level products and services; “TUNE” is the rhythm, it is a melody and a trend. With the rhythm of youth, the melody of sports, and the trend of the times, a new chapter of the car life that consumers yearn for begins here.