All Brilliance Auto (Zhonghua)

Brilliance Auto is a sub-brand of Brilliance Automotive Group and belongs to Brilliance (Huachen) Group.

The Brilliance Group has been actively preparing for the production of passenger vehicles as early as 1997, the first generation sedan was off the assembly line at the end of 2000, with an output of about 300 vehicles, which is the first batch of cars collectively known as the Brilliance Jinbei Plant. Because these vehicles did not get the admission permit for sale in the market, they only showed up at the following major auto shows, and then allocated them for their own use in the factory.

After Brilliance Jinbei established a joint venture with BMW, the world’s top car manufacturer, models of Brilliance Auto and BMW have achieved co-production in terms of coating line and general decoration line inspection, quality system inspection, etc., and fully adopted the quality control standards and systems in the BMW production process, so that the quality of Brilliance Auto has fundamentally Improved. After being co-produced with parts of BMW, models from Brilliance Auto has made a qualitative leap in quality awareness, quality control, and new processes and methods.