JAC’s New Sedan Jiayue A5 (A432) Debut on 2019 Chengdu Auto Show


JAC Motors’ new sedan, formerly known as A432 (Internal Code), has its official new name: Jiayue A5 (Chinese “嘉悦”), the new sedan made its debut on 2019 Chengdu Auto Show opened today. JAC Jiayue A5 will be launched in 4th quarter 2019.

(Update in 20th Nov. 2019: Today (November 20), JAC Jiayue A5 is officially listed in Chinese market. It is powered by a 1.5T engine, paired with 6-speed manual and CVT gearboxes, it was offered as total of 10 trims, with a guide price range of RMB 84,800-115,800 – (~US$12,363 – ~US$16,883))

JAC Jiayue A5 might be the most beautiful sedan from JAC Motors till now. According to the official disclosure, the new car was designed by Daniele Gaglione, the chief designer of the JAC Italian Design Center (former Alfa Romeo brand designer), as well as Giancarlo Concilio, the head of the interior design of the former Lancia and Maserati, as well as Maurizio Poli, the former chief engineer of the world’s top design companies Giugiaro and Stola, participated in the car’s R&D design.

This is also the first vehicle jointly produced by the JAC-Volkswagen production line.

In the first glance, I thought it was a KIA. JAC Jiayue A5 features a hexagonal flat front grille, and the interior is decorated with a honeycomb shape, the chrome trim strip is integrated with the headlights to stretch the lateral visual width; the interior of the headlights on both sides of the car is an LED light source with daytime running light and turn signal lamp, making the new car look more attractive.

In terms of body size, the length/width/height is 4755/1820/1495 mm and the wheelbase is 2760 mm.

The interior design of Jiayue A5 is simple, matching with white and black two-tone color design, highlighting the atmosphere of a family car. Jiayue A5 features a huge vertical touch infotainment display as well as a full LCD instrument panel, the same time, it canceled all traditional function buttons.

From the UI interface of the instrument and the central control panel, the new car will focus on entertainment and mobile internet functions in the future. In terms of configuration, the new car will provide push-button starert, electronic handbrake, AUTOHOLD, voice control, fixed speed cruise, etc.

In terms of power, JAC Jiayue A5 will be powered by a 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 110kW(147hp, 150 ps), 210N.m. In terms of transmission, it is matched with a 6MT or CVT gearbox.

In addition, the rear suspension of the car features an E-type four-link independent suspension, and the front suspension features MacPherson independent suspension.

As the first sedan produced jointly with JAC and Volkswagen, Jiayue A5 will undoubtedly receive more expectations from JAC Motors, and its quality can also gain more trust. However, the brand’s weak influence is hard to avoid.