JAC-VW’s sub-brand SIHAO Debuted Its First Compact SUV SOL QX


We obtained a set of design drawings of the brand-new compact SUV from JAC-Vo Volkswagen – SOL QX (or Sihao QX). The internal code of the new car is S811, which uses more lines to outline the overall design,simple and stylish. It is reported that SOL QX is led by JAC Design Center in Turin, Italy, and incorporates Chinese style elements into the design, which will bring users a different visual experience.

In terms of appearance, the front face of the new car adopts a large-size narrow-striped front grille, combined with split headlights and three-stage air intakes below, making the new car look rich in layers. At the same time, the use of parallel layered line structure also makes the overall visual effect of the new car more fluid and simple.

At the rear, SOL QX adopts a bar-type taillight group shape, and adds rich horizontal lines below, which enriches the visual hierarchy while adding a bit of rhythmic elegance. At the same time, the car is equipped with a two-sided cylindrical exhaust, which further highlights the sporty atmosphere of the car. In terms of power, the official has not disclosed specific details, and we will continue to pay attention.

According to previous information, the SOL brand will rely on the new modular platform to launch the compact SUV SOL X5 and SOL S811, the pure electric compact SUV SOL X811, and an unannounced compact SUV and mid-size sedan. The SOL QX is the S811 among them, and it is also the first brand new model to be unveiled.