JAC-Volkswagen Finally Launch SOL E20X, The 1st EV from the Joint Venture


Recently, JAC-Volkswagen’s joint venture brand, SOL (Chinese says “思皓”, Sihao), officially announced that the first EV, SOL E20X, was officially launched. SOL E20X has a battery capacity of 49.5kWh and a cruising range of 249miles(402km). It launches two models, price range is 128,000-138,000 yuan (~US$17,972 – US$19,377) after subsidy.

Who is SOL? SOL is actually an all-new brand jointly released by JAC-VW, it is also an electric vehicle brand. In September 2016, Volkswagen and JAC signed a memorandum of understanding on joint venture cooperation. At the end of 2017, JAC Volkswagen Co., Ltd. was formally established, with a 50% stake hold by each. JAC Volkswagen is not only the third joint venture company of Volkswagen in China, but also the exclusive new energy joint venture launched by Volkswagen for promoting the electric vehicle strategy in China. From the approval of the project to the establishment of the company, JAC Volkswagen only took half a year.

However, the speed came to an abrupt end after the new car went offline last year. SOL E20X was debuted as earlier as 2018 Beijing Auto Show, at the end of April 2018, JAC Volkswagen released the SOL brand; in May, its first production model E20X held an off-line ceremony. Subsequently, the E20X, which was originally scheduled to be listed in the second half of last year, has been postponed for more than one year.

The E20X is the first A0 SUV of the SOL brand and the first joint venture electric SUV in China designed and tested by the Volkswagen Group. In terms of design, the new car adopts the X-shaped design language, which presents a more fashionable visual experience. The closed air intake grille design can also make people see the properties of its pure electric vehicle at a glance.

Almost no difference between SOL E20X and JAC iEV7S in side view:

Anyway, when we jump to the side view, it is totally a JAC iEV7S! The length, width and height of E20X are 4135/1750/1565mm, this is also the exactly same as JAC iEV7S, the wheelbase is 2490mm which is only 10mm different with iEV7S.

In the rear parts, the overall style maintains similar to JAC iEV7S, it adds bar-style taillight to make it more stylish.

In the interior trim, E20X is also similar to JAC iEV7S in overall style, it only updated in some details, such as the replacement of the new 7inch LCD instrument, the new style electronic gear lever features stitching leather and the seat is crafted with Alcantara and leather to further enhance the exquisiteness of the interior.

Regarding to configuration, it features keyless entry, push button starter, 8-inch central control touch screen, high-definition 7-inch LCD combination meter, 360 ° parking assist, blind spot monitoring, 4G wireless network connection, charging port cover one-button open, voice control system and remote control, as well as air purification system.

In terms of power, SOL E20X is powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor with maximum power of 92kW (123 hp) and peak torque of 270 Nm. The battery group is the 21700 cylindrical battery from Tianjin Lishen, capacity is 49.5kWh, and the range declared by MIIT is 249miles(402km), it takes around 50 mins charging from 15% to 80%.