JAC Jiayue X7 officially listed in China with a price range of 89,800 – 119,800yuan


On the morning of April 20th (Beijing time), Jiayue X7, an all-new SUV model of JAC Motors, was officially launched in the form of an online live broadcast. The car is the first SUV product of the JAC passenger car layout in the 3.0 era. It is positioned as a mid-size SUV, powered by 1.5T + 6DCT power combination, and is equipped with the latest-generation J-Link intelligent car networking system. JAC Jiayue X7 launched a total of 4 models, the price ranges from 89,800-119,800 yuan (~US$12,696 – US$16,938) in the Chinese market.

In appearance, JAC Jiayue X7 looks like Maserati at a glance. Its front face is equipped with a straight waterfall three-dimensional hexagonal grille, coupled with a front bar and hood. The headlight group adopts a stylish split design, the headlight groups on both sides are LED light sources, and the daytime running lights above have a turning function, which has a high degree of recognition.

The lines on the side of the body are quite smooth, a raised waistline from below the A-pillar to the taillights creates a dynamic attitude of dive. There is a silver luggage rack on the roof, the lines are more in place and the layering is stronger. In terms of size, the length, width, and height of Jiayue X7 are 4776mm / 1900mm / 1760mm, and the wheelbase is 2750mm.

The interior of the Jiayue X7 uses black and beige as the main colors. The center console and door panels are wrapped with soft materials, supplemented by white stitching. The surface of the seat is also added with a regular pattern to further enhance the texture of the interior. The floating LCD central control screen and the full LCD instrument panel are 12.3 inches. The central control screen integrates the J-Link intelligent car networking system, iflytek car voice 3.5 system and APP remote control, built-in car KTV, Gaode map, and other car software.

In terms of configuration, JAC Jiayue X7 comes standard with 14 full-function body electronic stability systems and TESS flat tire emergency safety systems. High-trim models are also equipped with AEB automatic emergency brakes and LDWS lane departure warning systems. In addition, the new car is also equipped with 360-degree panoramic images and a panoramic driving recorder.

In terms of power, JAC Jiayue X7 is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 128kW (174PS) and a peak torque of 251N · m. It matches the 6-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox.