Hanteng Released New SUV Hanteng X8 in 2019 Shanghai Auto Show


Hanteng Auto debuted its new SUV model Hanteng X8 at 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, Hanteng X8 is positioned in a medium-sized SUV, overall shape of Hanteng X8 is very square and tough, front face adopts a large front grille, the interior is dotted structure.

The left and right sides are equipped with a relatively large headlight group, with large-size C-type daytime running lights on both sides and a trapezoidal air intake underneath, making it sporty look.

The taillights of the Hanteng X8 uses the current popular through-type design and blends with the chrome trim strip.

Wheelbase of Hanteng X8 is 2810mm, large body design that creates a wider and more comfortable quality space.

HanTeng X8 will be powered by the same 2.0Liter turbocharged engine as the one on HanTeng X7, the maximum output power is 190 hp, peak torque is 250N.m, matching the 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

About Hanteng Auto

Established in November 2013, Hanteng Auto is located in Jiangxi Shangrao Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is a brand-new private vehicle manufacturer with core business of R&D, production and sales of traditional fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles and key auto parts.

However, we found out that the predecessor of Han Teng Motor was Lantu Automobile by inquiring about the enterprise information disclosure system. Today, the trademark of HanTeng is the registered trademark of Lantu Automobile. According to the last information found, HanTeng’s investor is the owner of Zotye Auto: Tech-new Group.

So both Zotye and Hanteng are owed by Tech-new Group, actually Hanteng Auto is also a shared technology and platform of Zotye Auto.