WEY VV7 GT Positioning Sports Coupe SUV To Debut in 2nd Half of 2019


Recently, WEY announced its new car plan at the brand communication meeting. The plug-in hybrid coupe SUV model, WEY VV7 GT, will officially debut in the second half of this year. At the same time, The “I-Era” powertrain technology products previously released by HYCET Technology Co. Ltd. (a subsidiary of Great Wall Motors (GWM)) including 4N20 engine, 9DCT transmission and 6001 series electric drive will also be firstly equipped on the WEY brand, the first model will be launched in 2020.

From the previous information of WEY VV7 GT plug-in coupe SUV model obtained by the MIIT China, the new car continues the design of WEY VV7 fuel version, the front face design is similar to WEY VV7 model, but the inside of the front bumper is changed to a horizontal grille, the shape of the LED daytime running lights on both sides of the front face also adopts a new design.

The new car uses a sportier front bumper lip, making the front face more angular. WEY VV7 GT PHEV is based on the current VV7 fuel version, it is positioned as a coupe SUV. The rear end spoiler on the VV7 fuel version is canceled. The fast-back design increases the sporty atmosphere of the car. The red reflector on both sides of rear bumper area has increased, the lines are sharper. In addition, the taillights of the new car are designed in a polygonal shape with LED light source inside. In terms of body size, the length and height of the car are 4774/1931/1672mm, the wheelbase is 2950mm, and the wheel hub is optional in different style.

In the interior section, the new car is designed in an all-black design, making the interior sporty atmosphere even stronger. The three-spoke steering wheel features a slightly flat design with multi-function buttons. The central control area is equipped with a large-size display and is full of technology. In addition, according to the vehicle power information released by MIIT China, WEY VV7 GT model will be powered by the E20CB model engine independently developed by GWM. Its maximum power is 167kW (223hp), it is expected to be matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

“I-Era” series powertrain technology

HYCET Technology has previously released a number of new technology products such as 4N20 engine, 9DCT transmission and 6001 series electric drive assembly, which belong to HYCET’s “I-Era” powertrain technology products. It shows its comprehensive strength in powertrain integration innovation regardless of its dynamic performance or energy-saving and environmental protection indicators. Among them, “I” means Intellium (intellgent+ium), defined as intelligent elements (Integration, Intelligentize, Incredible).

In terms of fuel consumption, compared to the previous generation 4C20B engine, the 4N20 engine achieves a 15% reduction in fuel consumption under low load conditions, the first product with 4N20 engine has maximum thermal efficiency of 38.3%, while the indicated thermal efficiency of prototype of the upgraded product reaches 48%. In terms of emissions, the 4N20 engine uses 350bar high-pressure mid-range injectors and high-energy ignition coils to provide advantages in reducing PN emissions. In terms of power, the 4N20 engine has maximum power of 180 kW (241hp) and max torque of 385 N.m.

The 9DCT transmission is currently the world’s first publicly released 9-speed wet dual-clutch transmission, and also released a hybrid version based on the 9-speed platform. Compared with the previous generation 7DCT, the new transmission is a high-load, lightweight, miniaturized 9-speed wet dual-clutch automatic transmission based on all-new architecture. In terms of performance, 9DCT transmission not only has all the excellent performance of 7DCT, but also adopts built-in integrated TCU, narrow tooth width and thin synchronizer design, dual pump system and self-designed DCM, HCM and other technologies, which improves the overall efficiency by 3.5%, the weight is reduced by nearly 10%, and the length of the mounting is also reduced by nearly 10%.

6001 series electric drive assembly is a three-in-one electric drive system integrating motor, controller and reducer. The motor adopts new technologies and new materials such as permanent magnet synchronous motor, H-Pin winding and thin silicon steel plate. The controller adopts customized IGBT and film capacitors, the reducer adopts planetary structure, which makes the system have high power density, miniaturization, and excellent NVH performance. The effective power density of the drive motor is 5.6kW/kg, far exceeding the national 2020 plan. The target of 3.5 kW/kg to be achieved. The motor controller software adopts the AUTOSAR architecture and meets the ISO26262 ASIL-C functional safety level, making the system more efficient, safe and mature.