GWM WEY TANK 300 Goes Off Assembly Line, To be Launched Soon


Recently, we learned from the GWM– WEY brand that its new compact SUV, mass-produced TANK 300 model, was off the assembly line and it will be officially launched on December 17 2020 in the Chinese market. The new car is built on the “Tank·WEY” platform and is designed for a body-on-frame body. The overall visual effect is very rough and retro.

GWM has started the pre-sale for TANK 300 in the Chinese market, the price is covered from 175,800 to 313,800 yuan (~US$26,879 – US$47,980). Detailed specs goes here: WEY Tank 300 Specs

Looking back on the appearance, it is featured with a new design language as a whole, the visual effect is very tough and rough. In terms of details, the new car uses a front grille that tends to be rounded and rectangular, and the interior is supplemented by a circular retro LED headlight group and a three-spoke front grille, while improving the integrity, it is more suitable for the design style of a hardcore SUV.

Body size: 4760/1930/1927mm,wheelbase:2750mm

The interior of the WEY Tank 300 also exhibits a hard-line overall style. The circular air outlet is located on the angled vertical center control panel, and the silver and black match adds a modern touch to the interior. The new car is also equipped with a 12.3-inch LCD instrument and a central control screen, which will be equipped with a wealth of intelligence and technology configuration, so that the sense of technology of this car has also been very good promotion.