Max. power of 260kW, Great Wall Motors 3.0T+9AT super powertrain officially rolls off the production line


On December 4, Great Wall Motor‘s new 3.0T+9AT powertrain was mass-produced in Yongchuan, Chongqing. This powertrain will be the first to be installed on the TANK 500 model. This is also the main competitive advantage of the TANK 500 product. Great Wall Motors stated that as the first set of fully self-developed high-end powertrains in China, Great Wall Motors 3.0T+9AT breaks the technical barriers of joint ventures, and its mass production rollout marks the Chinese auto brand’s official entry into the high-end vehicle market.

According to the official announcement, the 3.0T V6 engine code-named 6Z30 adopts dual-injection system, Miller cycle, dual VGT supercharger, intake manifold integrated water-cooled intercooler, full-map oil pump and many other advanced technologies in the engine field, with maximum power of 206kW and maximum torque of 500N · m respectively. At the same time, it is matched with a 48V light hybrid BSG motor, the peak torque can reach up to 550N · m.

Great Wall Motors 9AT transmission adopts self-developed hydraulic automatic transmission structure scheme optimization program and other advanced technologies, while integrating hydraulic control modules, redundant parking system design, high-performance hydraulic torque converter, compact and efficient clutch design and intelligence patented technologies such as control software can achieve a torque carrying capacity of up to 750N · m, and can match 2.0-liter, 3.0-liter gasoline or diesel engines with different displacements and types.

It is understood that Great Wall Motor’s 3.0T+9AT powertrain will be the first to be mounted on the TANK 500. At the Guangzhou Auto Show, the TANK series SUV’s second production vehicle, the TANK 500, was officially pre-sold. The new car was launched in three versions: business version, sports version and customized version, of which four models were launched for business version and sports version, with pre-sale price range both are 335,000-363,000 yuan. The customized version is only one model, and the pre-sale price is 395,000 yuan. In addition, the TANK 500 also launched the Black Samurai version. 500 units will be sold in the pre-sale period. The pre-sale price is 365,000 yuan.

The power system is the biggest highlight of the TANK 500. It is powered by a 3.0T V6 turbocharged engine + 9AT gearbox independently developed by Great Wall, with a maximum power of 354 horsepower and a peak torque of 500N · m. It is the first model to use 3.0T+ 9AT power combination. The new car is built on TANK platform, adopts a non-carrying body, and is equipped with a TOD time-sharing four-wheel drive system to ensure the safety of the vehicle and stronger off-road performance. According to an official document, the order of TANK 500 exceeded 13,000 units in only 20 minutes of pre-sale, and the effective order has been paid for more than 26,000 units. The chief marketing officer of the TANK brand said in an interview at the auto show that the 3.0 twin-turbo V6 engine on the TANK 500 is the ceiling work of Chinese fuel vehicles.