Geely’s High-end Brand Lynk & Co 06 Made Global Debut


The Lynk & Co 05 has been on the market for only a month, now Lynk & Co. quickly launched a new model, the Lynk & Co 06, which is also the 5th model of the Lynk & Co brand. On June 16, we witnessed the grand debut of the Lynk & Co 06 in Sanya, Hainan. The Lynk & Co 06 is positioned as a compact SUV. The new car comes from the BMA platform architecture. From the positioning point of view, it is an entry-level model of Lynk & Co. The selling price may start at around 120,000 yuan (~US$16,960).

As Geely‘s premium brand, every model launched by Lynk & Co has a clear product positioning. Since Lynk & Co 01, we have continued to focus on Lynk & Co products. For example, the 01 is positioned in a smart SUV, the Lynk & Co 02 focuses on the cross-over trend, the Lynk & Co 03 has become the sales leader of the current Lynk & Co brand, and its positioning sports car has also launched the performance edition, the 03+; the recently released Lynk & Co 05 has a positioning performance coupe SUV. The newly unveiled Lynk & Co 06 is a smart, intelligent car for young consumers.

The vitality of a brand comes from continuity, we believe that Link’s product continuity is absolutely one of the best among domestic car brands. The Lynk & Co 06 is exquisite in the appearance, making us unforgettable. Let’s take a look, it is a compact SUV from the BMA platform. From the perspective of the platform architecture and powertrain, it is the same as the Geely ICON, but very different in other aspect.

For an entry-level compact SUV, the exterior design is often very important. Lynk & Co 06 has adhered to the “urban opposite aesthetics” from 01. This set of design concepts is placed on the Lynk & Co 06.

This set of urban opposite aesthetics can be said to have penetrated the design on every Lynk & Co model. On 01 and 02, we saw the attempt of this avant-garde style, we saw the coupe SUV on Lynk & Co 05. Another attempt at the exterior design of the model. As for the Lynk & Co 06, Lynk & Co was trying to optimize an entry-level compact SUV, which was short, sophisticated and full of fashion. This seems to be another evolution of the urban opposite aesthetics.

The interior of Lynk & Co 06 also continues the family-style design style, but the details are different from the previous four cars. For example, multi-color matching is used in the car, the interior door panel is blue, and the seat has three colors, while the sides of the seat and the air-conditioning outlet are orange, which is not cluttered but stylish.

In terms of interior design, the center console of Lynk & Co 06 adopts a hollow design, which greatly improves the space utilization, and the air conditioner is changed to full touch, which enhances the sense of technology. The 10.25-inch suspended central touch screen, breathable atmosphere lights, and integrated sports seats are all configurations that create a sense of technology.

The Lynk & Co 06 is positioned in a compact SUV has a length, width and height of 4340x1820x1625mm and a wheelbase of 2640mm

In terms of power, Lynk & Co 06 is powered by a 1.5T engine and a 1.5T plug-in hybrid system. The 1.5T three-cylinder engine has a maximum power of 130kW and a maximum torque of 255N·m. In terms of transmission, it is matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. In addition, the power of the 1.5T plug-in hybrid system is based on a 1.5T three-cylinder engine and is integrated with an electric motor. The maximum power is 60kW and the peak torque is 160N·m, which is also matched with the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. It is reported that the comprehensive fuel consumption of this power combination has reached 4.8L/100km, matching the ternary lithium ion battery pack, and the pure electric cruising range has reached 55 kilometers.