Geely JLδ-4G24 Engine Review


As a Chinese own vehicle brand, Geely Auto seems to be more confidence after acquired Australia DSI transmission company and Sweden Volvo Auto, they now brings the brand-new 6AT power system – JLδ-4G24

The Geely JLδ-4G24 6AT system originate from DSI technology
6-speed AT transmission main structure is still using the familiar torque converter + the structure of the planetary gear set , supplemented by multiple electronic control lock-up clutch to achieve different gear transmission ratio changes , six gear speed ratio change between 3.536 to 0.677 . In the transverse platform models , this transmission structure is quite compact, the axial length of 751mm , and can use in the compact class models .

The torque converter is equivalent to the manual transmission clutch from the transmission of power to ease the impact of use

Lock-up clutch control is the means of transmission gear switch

From this perspective, we can see one of the core components of the AT transmission , the planetary gear set
Geely 6AT transmission applies to the transverse engine precursor or four – wheel – drive models , it is worth mentioning that this six -speed automatic transmission input torque of 400 Nm , to know the common 3.0 maximum output torque of the displacement naturally aspirated engine ( such as the BMW 330i ‘s N52 straight-six engine and Toyota Reiz 3.0V6 engine ) is also 300 Nm up and down , so the transmission , which means for a long time, the Geely cars and SUV products no longer need to develop greater torque bearing capacity of the automatic transmission , which greatly shortens the development cycle , but also reduces costs .

Gleagle GX7 is expected to fit up such 6-speed automatic transmission

Transmission on the back of the white part is the slide valve control gear switch box design and anufacturing require high
In the booth, and this 6AT transmission matches the Geely study of 2.4 displacement JLδ – 4G24 naturally aspirated engine , maximum power of 112 kilowatts at 4000 rpm and maximum torque of 210 cattle · m , while DVVT continuously variable valve timing technology to help its low-speed torque performance is also very good , only when the 2000 rpm to 186 Nm , it is suitable for domestic use . In addition to the Folio impressions 2.4DVVT engine , Geely Global Hawk GC7 achieve a combination of 1.8DVVT engine and 6AT transmission can be said that the optional room for this transmission can match the power system is still relatively large .

The 1.8DVVT engine and 6AT power system which has already been installed on Gleagle GC7
Summary : Although many people were both derived from the DSI technology 6AT also skeptical , but from the point of view of actual performance , it should be said to have done quite well , it will not only lead to more dense the transmission ratio , more smooth dynamic performance , while vehicles with better fuel economy performance , more importantly, it allows the consumer to buy a 6-speed automatic transmission family cars more affordable price , which is obviously what publicity actually