GAC Launched Trumpchi GS8S in the Chinese market with price 158,000 to 192,800 Yuan


The Trumpchi GS8S debuts on today, April 26. GAC Motors who is the manufacturer of the GS8 series will unveil up to 4 new variants. To get your hands on the wheels of this sporty variant, you’ll have to part with some decent amount of cash. The latest SUV is priced within the range of 158,000 to 192,800 Yuan (~US$22,312 – US$27,226), just so you know.

Trumpchi GS8S continues the design legacy of the GS8, it is actually a “5-Seater Trumpchi GS8“, the difference being the front and rear parts with the later model having a rather ‘intimidating’ front grille that looks (and in a good kind of way) out of place :). It will be powered by a redesigned 2.0T engine.

Dimension & Features

Let’s start with the overall appearance. Trumpchi GS8S comes with a redesigned front that’s a bit muscular than the GS8 and looks tough, this gives it a ‘macho’ demeanor that fans of bulky SUVs will find irresistible. What really stands out as far as the front design of the GS8S is concerned as we mentioned earlier, is the grille, it has been adjusted from the usual straight waterfall design to more of a polyline elements design, this accentuates the 3D feel and is primarily responsible for the tough look.

There isn’t much change in the rear part of the car besides the bumper. This new model has a much sharper rear bumper line that’s also three dimensional. It also sports a larger silver-colored lower guard plate which covers both sides of the SUV. Two exhaust vents protrude from it giving it an imposing look.

Trumpchi GS8S is just as impressive when it comes to the exterior dimension. It’s size 4740/1910 / 1775mm (length, width, and height), compared to the GS8 which is 4835/1910 / 1765mm with a 2800mm wheelbase and the current GS7 model which is 4730/1910 / 1770mm, with a 2720mm wheelbase. The GS8S is close to the GS7 in size parameters and comes in 5-seat configuration.

Interior: Same as GS8

Things are pretty much the same when it comes to the interior, everything is the same as Trumpchi GS8, so you can still expect the encircling dashboard layout which gives a roomy feeling and oozes comfort. The central display control panel is present, providing the same engaging visual experience we’ve come to expect from this line of SUVs, however, you’ll notice that the air-conditioning buttons have been given a facelift and now have this piano-like dials. The LCD panel is similar though, it’s still the same 10.1 inches, but we’re informed that higher-end models will have a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel.

Transmission: 2.0T Direct-injection Engine

When it comes to powertrain. Trumpchi GS8S packs a whooping 2.0T engine model no. 4B20J1. This monster is capable of delivering up to 252 horsepower (185 kW) with a 6-speed AMT transmission system from Aisin.

History of Trumpchi GS8 series

So, in October 2016, GAC Motors decided to expand the Trumpchi product line-up with the introduction of the mid-size variant of its flagship SUV, the GS8. Then later in August 2017, they unveiled the “5-seater GS8” known as the GS7 thus achieving their goal set in 2016, and now comes the GS8S. GAC’s Trumpchi was spun out for better focus that enables it to meet and exceed the demands of SUV consumers.