GAC Honda’s brand new electric brand “e:NP” released in China


On March 29, At today’s GAC Honda‘s new electric brand launch conference, GAC Honda launched a new pure electric brand e:NP, and its Chinese name is officially named “Ji Pai” (Chinese says “极湃”). In addition, GAC Honda’s first pure electric model, e:NP1, corresponds to the Chinese name “Ji Pai 1”. The EV is mainly aimed at the pure electric SUV market and is built on the basis of the e:N Architecture F architecture. 

According to reports, the “e” in “e:NP” stands for “energize power” and “electric power”, while “N” stands for “New” and “Next evolution”, and “P” stands for “Prime extreme”.

Today, Honda also introduced information of China produced e:NP1. The design of this car was completed by the Chinese design team, and the Chinese R&D team played an important role in the vehicle development process; e:NP1 has a sound wave simulation specially designed by Honda. Honda’s electrified products will have a dedicated sales network; its electronic control incorporates more than 20,000 scene algorithms (to avoid motion sickness caused by high torque), and will be equipped with active sound waves and DMC driver status perception systems. In addition, Honda also said that by 2025, it will launch one electric model every year under e:NP brand.

It is reported that the exclusive factory of Jipai New Energy will be completed and put into operation in 2024. It will fully apply 5G network and introduce a number of intelligent innovations. The brand will fully adopt the online + offline dual-channel integration model, and online users can complete the car viewing, place orders by App.

Chinapev has reported that Dongfeng Honda’s new pure electric SUV, the e:NS1, officially opened pre-sale last week, price ranges between 180,000-210,000 yuan, the new car is based on the e:N Architecture F pure electric architecture, it is a sister model with the GAC Honda e:NP1.