2023 Xpeng P7 European version officially released


The official image of the 2023 Xpeng P7 was officially released. The new car is a European version, and the China version has already been declared to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which is basically the same as the Europe version. The price of the new car is 49,990 to 69,990 euros in Europe market, and will be exhibited together with Xpeng G9 at the eCar Expo 2023 held in Stockholm from February 3rd to 5th.

2023 Xpeng P7 Europe Version
2023 Xpeng P7 China Version

Referring to the European version of the model and the declaration map in China, laser radar is added to the headlights on both sides. Other details are consistent with the old model, and the “interstellar” design language is still adopted. The flat front of the car creates a low-lying visual effect. The bar-type design integrated with the LED daytime running lights and the front grille makes the overall visual effect quite futuristic.

The interior has not changed too much. The steering wheel has been changed to a button + scroll wheel layout similar to that of the Xpeng G9. In addition, the wireless charging board, cup holder and armrest box have also been adjusted to some extent.

In terms of configuration, the automatic driving assistance hardware is equipped with Orin-X chips + 5 millimeter-wave radars + 12 ultrasonic radars + 4 surround-view cameras + 7 high-definition cameras + driver fatigue detection; the hardware is replaced with Snapdragon 8155 chips. However, the version of the intelligent driving assistance system of the European version is different from that in China, and a higher-end version should be launched in China. In addition, the European version also adds comfortable configurations such as electric tailgate, electric suction door, heat pump air conditioner, and steering wheel heating.

Chinese declaration information shows that this EV will be powered by an electric motor with a maximum power of 203kW, which is a certain improvement compared to the current model (non-performance version). The battery life of Europe version has been optimized, and the battery life can reach 576km under WLTP conditions, maximum charging power will be 175 kW.