WM EX6 Limited Unveiled on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, The 2nd All-Electric SUV from WELTMEISTER Motor


WM EX6 Limited was unveiled on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. WM EX6 Limited is based on the EX6 concept car, it is the 2nd electric SUV model from WELTMEISTER Motor, It is positioned in a pure electric medium-sized SUV. It will be available in 5/6 seat layouts. The cruising range of the vehicle is 310miles(500km). It is reported that the new car will be listed in the second half of 2019.

In appearance, WM EX6 Limited basically follows the design of the concept car. It adopts the closed grille design commonly used in electric vehicles. The overall shape is very simple and smooth, the central badge can be illuminated and dynamically change the brightness. It is very lively and technological sense. The long and narrow headlights group is sharp, the L-type daytime running lights are beautiful.

The panoramic sunroof and shark fin antenna are designed to meet the aesthetics of young consumers. Size of WM EX6 Limited 4851×1835×1724mm.

In the interior, the design of the new car is very simple, but luxury sense and technology is very good. The central control large screen that can be rotated is the biggest highlight of the interior part, which is also the unique design.

In terms of power, the new car will be powered by BorgWarner integrated electric drive system with a maximum power of 160kW (214HP), a maximum torque of 315N·m, it will equip with WELTMEISTER Motor’s second-generation power battery unit from. The vehicle has a cruising range of 310miles(500km). It is reported that the new car will be officially listed in the second half of 2019.