Dongfeng’s High-end Electric MPV VOYAH Dreamer Starts Pre-sale in China


On April 7, 2022, VOYAH Dreamer (Chinese says “梦想家”) officially opened the pre-sale. VOYAH is Dongfeng Motor’s electric vehicle brand, VOYAH Dreamer is the 2nd electric vehicle under this brand. According to the official announcement, the pre-sale price range of the seven-seat version of the new car is 380,000-480,000 yuan, while the pre-sale price of the four-seat customized version starts at 600,000 yuan. It is built on the ESSA’s native intelligent electric architecture and positioned as a large MPV.

VOYAH Dreamer has two power combination: pure electric and extended-range versions, with a body size of 5315/1985/1820 mm and a wheelbase of 3200 mm. Both the pure electric version and the extended-range version are equipped with a dual-motor four-wheel drive system. The combined maximum power is 320 kW and 290 kW, and the 0-100 km/h acceleration is 5.9 seconds and 6.9 seconds, respectively.

VOYAH Dreamer has many highlights, and the chassis suspension is worth mentioning. It is equipped with a front double wishbone and a rear five-link independent suspension, which is the first time in the field of MPV.

In addition, the car also comes standard with air suspension with “magic carpet” function and adjustable shock absorbers, which can adjust the height and hardness.

In terms of intelligence, VOYAH Dreamer uses the Qualcomm 8155 flagship locomotive in-vehicle chip, has a gigabit 5G in-vehicle network, is equipped with a 1.4-meter unbounded through-type triple screen, supports vehicle OTA, L2+ intelligent driving assistance system, remote control parking system, Full scene automatic parking, etc.

As for the comfortable and luxurious configuration, it is not to mention the double-sided electric sliding door, zero-gravity electric seat (heated and ventilated massage leg rest), VIP salute mode, Dynaudio brand audio and so on.

In terms of power, the new car will launch a pure electric version and an extended-range hybrid version. Among them, the declared range-extended model is equipped with a dual-drive motor of 130kW in the front and 160kW in the rear, and the range extender is a 1.5T engine; the front and rear motors of the pure electric version are both 160kW and the maximum speed is 200km/h. In addition, the chassis of the new car will use the front double wishbone rear multi-link independent suspension, and will be equipped with air suspension + CDC + magic carpet function.


VOYAH is a high-end electric vehicle brand built by Dongfeng Group. In January this year, 1,553 vehicles were delivered, a decrease of 53.36% from December last year; in February, it fell by more than 50% from the previous month, and only 740 vehicles were delivered.

VOYAH said that VOYAH Dreamer is the world’s first large-scale luxury MPV that supports vehicle OTA. It has an integrated triple screen and is equipped with 5G Internet of Vehicles.
VOYAH Dreamer is the second mass-produced model after VOYAH Free. Among them, VOYAH FREE was launched in June 2021, and the delivery started on August 8 of the same year.

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