SITECH DEV Released New Brand “TongChuang” and New EV MEV100


On August 26th, SITECH DEV, a Chinese EV startup, officially released the new brand “Tongchuang” and its first compact pure electric car MEV100 in Chongqing China. At the same time, it announced the upgrade of the offline brand D.BOX and changed its name to “SITECH Electricity +” (“电家” in Chinese, it means “Electricity and Family”), re-emphasize that it will deepen the southwest China market in China.


Previously, the NIO & GAC jointly released its new joint-venture brand, the “Hycan”, the Chinese of “Hycan” is “合创”(Chinese spelling: Hechuang) means “cooperating” and “creation”, this time, the new brand “Tongchuang” (no English brand released yet) released by SITECH DEV has similar meaning to “合创”(Hechuang), in fact, SITECH DEV also explain its meaning of the new brand: “Based on the current market environment and the company’s current product strategy, through joint research and development and manufacturing with traditional OEMs (car manufacturer), R&D and mass production can be realized faster than completely independent routes. At the same time, with the original platform and resources of the OEM, the investment in new products will be less.”


MEV100, the first model of SITECH DEV’s new brand released this time, is a model jointly manufactured by SITECH and FAW. SITECH MEV100 is actually based on the BESTUNE B30 platform, the overall design is based on the B30, and the second development was carried out according to the product requirements and brand characteristics.

In terms of appearance, the MEV100 has added some brand elements of SITECH DEV, such as the fully enclosed front face and the side skirt orange decorative strip to enhance the vehicle identification. The body size of the MEV100 is basically the same as that of the BESTUNE B30. The length, width and height are 4632/1790/1500 mm and the wheelbase is 2652 mm. It is positioned as a compact car.

According to the current information report of SITECH MEV 100 in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the new car has two appearance designs, one is the closed front grille design, the other is the same design as the FAW BESTUNE B30 EV; the two different appearance models are optional in SITECH LOGO or BESTUNE LOGO.

In terms of power, the SITECH MEV 100 will be powered by motor with maximum power of 90kW (120hp). Range can do 248miles(400km), charging in 6-8hours.

SITECH MEV100 will be mainly launched in the car leasing market in the future, the volume of personal consumers for the C-end will be smaller. The SITECH DEV said that the car will be listed in the near future.