NIU’s First EV:Niutron NV Goes Live in China


On October 8, Niutron NV, an brand-new electric vehicle from the Niu Technologies, was officially launched, this is the first ever 4-wheel vehicle from this company, formerly, Niu is a company who produces electric scooters. The new car launched a total of 3 models with a price range of 278,800-318,800 yuan in the Chinese market. As the first model under the Niutron brand, the new car is positioned as a medium-to-large electric SUV. The overall shape is simple and retro-style. The car has two types of power, namely the pure electric version and the extended-range version. The pure electric standard-range version has a cruising range of 440km under CLTC conditions, and the pure electric long-range version has a cruising range of 560 km under CLTC conditions. The extended-range version will have a cruising range of 150 in pure electric driving under the CLTC condition, and the official said its comprehensive cruising range is 1257km.

Niutron NV – Extended-Range Version
Niutron NV – Pure Electric Version

In terms of appearance, although Niutron NV provides two versions of extended-range and pure electric, their appearance is basically the same, but there are differences in the details of the grille. The shape of the new car combines the two different styles of “Urban Exploring” very well, and it looks more personalized. In terms of details, the headlight group composed of LED light sources has a retro style, officially called “double-track” ring lights, and runs through the dynamic thick-walled light guide LED and double-track LED daytime running lights. After lighting, the visual effect is very recognizable. It is worth mentioning that the grille of the extended-range version is an open design, while the pure electric version is a closed design, which is also the difference between the appearance of the two versions.

From the side, the side lines of the new car are not complicated, the rising waistline creates a strong sense of movement, and through the design of black body pillars, it presents the visual effect of a floating roof. In addition, the C-pillar of the new car adopts a metal-textured cover plate design, and is embedded with a digital sense dynamic charging indicator-energy stack, which shows the vehicle’s battery power status. In terms of rims, the new car uses 20-inch wheels.

From the rear, the rear design of the car is more flat and looks very tough. The shape of the taillights is the highlight. The dot-matrix shape echoes the headlights, and it has a good visual effect after lighting. According to the official data, the body size of the new car is 4915/1962/1755mm in length, width and height, and the wheelbase reaches 2910mm. It is positioned as a medium and large SUV.

The interior design presents a simple style and a sense of technology. The steering wheel of the new car adopts a two-spoke design with a 12.3-inch LCD instrument. The built-in UI interface has two modes to choose from. The car’s central control screen reaches 15.6 inches, adopts a vertical layout, and has 6 built-in linear motors, which can provide a sense of vibration with touch screen feedback. There are physical buttons below the central control screen, and there are two wireless charging slots, which improve the practicability of the vehicle.

In terms of assisted driving, all models come standard with 24 AAD (Advanced Assistant Driving) functions, including AEB (automatic emergency braking), ACC (full-speed adaptive cruise control), and LCC (lane centering control). ), LCA (lane change assist), BSD (blind spot monitoring), APA (automatic parking) and other functions.

Niutron NV provides pure electric and extended-range hybrid power based on the GEMINI Gemini power module system. The cruising range of the pure electric standard-range version is 440km, and the pure electric long-range version has a cruising range of 550km. The CLTC pure electric cruising range of extended-range version is 150km, and the official said its comprehensive cruising range is 1257km. The maximum power of pure electric version is 280kW and the maximum torque is 452N m. The extended-range version uses a 1.5T four-cylinder engine as the range extender, and the drive system consists of two motors. The front motor has a maximum power of 130kW, the rear motor has a maximum power of 140kW, and the electric drive system has a maximum torque of 526N m. The 0-100km/h acceleration of all models is 5.9 seconds. The whole system comes standard with the iAWD intelligent dual-motor four-wheel drive system, which supports 7 driving modes including sports, off-road, ejection, and slippery roads.