NIO will release the second-gen NIOES8 on NIO Day


Qin Lihong, co-founder and president of NIO Automobile, said that on 2022 NIO Day, NIO may release the second-gen NIO ES8 model, which will be developed based on the NT2.0 platform, and a new model will also be launched, it will be a stylish model, we guess that there is a high probability that NIO ET5 Wagon will be launched.

In addition, Qin Lihong also said that NIO needs a “popular” brand to gain more markets. Currently, price of NIO brand is generally high. In addition, on 2022 NIO Day, a high-speed autonomous pilot battery replacement function will be added on NIO NOP. The vehicle can drive into the service area from the express way, find the battery swapping station, and return to express way after completing the battery replacement.


In a picture of the competitiveness of NIO’s system in 2022, the core capabilities of NIO’s strategic business model also revealed the next development direction of NIO. NIO will actively expand the capital market, conduct comprehensive self-development, and vertically integrate the industrial chain. The whole system will be implemented in more countries in Europe, adopt the subscription model, release new brands, and launch new categories around cars.

Specific to products, the next step is that the second-gen platform products will be successfully launched and delivered, a series of self-developed results will be delivered, and the third-gen platform products will be developed. In terms of car experience, it will improve the power-on experience, introduce more and better services, create an unattended power station, and launch a virtual power plant to collect research and development around the car.