NIO Start to Hand Over ES8 6-Seater Version in China in 2019


Recently, NIO released the news that the ES8 6-seater version is about to deliver, which has caused many people’s doubts. Why did NIO launch a six-seater ES8 to compete with its own product: ES8 7-Seat Version, although there is no difference on appearance between each other. In fact, this is just because of Chinese users’ large demand for the six-seat vehicle, so NIO launched its six-seater version.

Although the six-seat version of NIO ES8 is 8,000 yuan(~US$1,191) higher than the 7-seat version, it can enjoy the China’s six-year exemption policy, that is, it does not need to go to the inspection agency for safety technical inspection within the prescribed time limit. Although 7-seater version is one seat more than 6-seat version, actually 6 seats are enough to meet most people’s need in China.

The most different is in the 2nd row

The 6-seater is in line with the ES8’s Funder’s Edition, the main difference is the second row seats. The seat layout of NIO ES8 7-seat version is 2+3+2, which affected the convenience of the third row.

NIO ES8 6-seat version features a 2+2+2 layout, it is equipped with separated seats in the second row, which are more comfortable than the 7-seat version. Not only that, the width of aisle between the two seats is 200mm, which is 20mm wider than the Buick GL8, it can fully meet the needs of users.

Some details are also made better for 2nd row passenger

The front end of the armrest is equipped with a pop-up cup holder, there are also USB port and storage compartment available on 2nd row seats for easy access and storage. The USB interface and the storage compartment are arranged inside the seat, which is convenient to pick and place, the design is very user-friendly.

Interior design

Like the 7-seat version, the ES8 6-seat is simple and elegant, with a strong sense of sophistication, the overall craftsmanship is more regular and polished than ES8 7-seat version.


The ES8 six-seat version doesn’t have much change in the appearance, it keeps the same as ES8 7-seat. Size measures 5022/1962/1753mm and the wheelbase is 3010mm.


The ES8 six-seat version is equipped with a 70kWh liquid-cooled constant temperature ternary lithium battery pack, which is the same as ES8 7-seat. It spends only 1 hour to charge from 0 to 80% of battery capacity in DC fast Charging mode, anyway, it takes 10 hours to full charge in slow charging mode. ES8 has a range of 355km under NEDC comprehensive working condition, the max. power is 650ps. It claimed 0-100km/h (62 mph) acceleration time of 4.4S, and 33.8meter braking distance from 100-0 km/h.

Price of ES8 6-seat version starts at 456,000 yuan (US$67,914) which is 8,000 yuan higher than ES8 7-seater before subsidies.

On March 5, 2019, According to the unaudited financial report in 2018. The number of ES8 deliveries in the fourth quarter of 2018 was 7,980, an increase of 144.2% compared to 3,268 in the third quarter. In 2018, the total number of ES8 deliveries was 11,348. In the fourth quarter of 2018, the total revenue of NIO was 3.435 billion yuan (US$499.7 million), an increase of 133.8% compared with the previous quarter.