NIO recruit in the U.S. to open up the U.S. market


Recently, news from Electrek showed that NIO released positions in the United States on the overseas job search platform, and it is suspected that it plans to open up the US market in the future. Previously, NIO had stated that it planned to expand its overseas business to 25 different countries and regions by 2025.

Relevant overseas job search platforms show that NIO’s latest job search information is based in San Jose, California, and 46 new jobs have been posted. In addition, there is also 1 job posting in Seattle, Washington, all of which are executive-level positions, do not rule out the possibility that NIO has already begun to enter the United States. On NIO Day 2021, when NIO announced its overseas expansion plan, the United States was included, as well as most countries in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea.

In 2021, NIO has taken the lead to enter the Norwegian market. In 2022, NIO’s products and full system services will officially land in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark. And the U.S. market is about to open up before 2025