NIO established a battery company to develop its own batteries


According to public information, NIO recently established a company in Hefei, Anhui, Weilai(NIO) Battery Technology (Anhui) Co., Ltd. The new company’s registered capital is 2 billion yuan, which is 100% controlled by NIO Holdings Co., Ltd., and Li Bin serves as chairman.


It is reported that the scope of NIO Battery’s science and technology business involves battery manufacturing; battery sales; electronic special materials research and development; sales of electronic special materials; electronic special materials manufacturing; graphite and carbon products sales; new membrane materials sales; plastic products manufacturing; plastic products sales; sales; Sales of high -purity elements and compounds; manufacturing of graphite and carbon products; manufacturing of automobile parts and accessories; sales of new energy vehicle electricity attachments.

In June this year, Li Bin revealed that NIO had a battery-related team composed of more than 400 people, and was participating in the research and development of battery materials, battery cells and whole packages, battery management systems, manufacturing processes, etc. It is reported that NIO is developing “Lithium manganese iron phosphate” and 4680 batteries, and plans to mass production of these two batteries. Among them, Lithium manganese iron phosphate batteries will supply NIO’s sub-brand (project code ALPS). The brand positioning is at the price range of 150,000-300,000 yuan. The 800V battery pack is expected to be applied to NIO’s 3rd-gen platform (NT3) model in 2024.