Li Bin: NIO mobile phone R&D is progressing smoothly, will be released within one year


On November 27th, NIO House in Songshanhu, Dongguan officially opened. Li Bin, CEO of NIO, attended the opening ceremony and had a brief conversation with the attendees. In addition to NIO House-related issues, Li Bin also exchanged views on NIO’s mobile phone development progress and other issues.

According to earlier revelations, NIO mobile phone has been launched, and it is positioned as a high-end flagship line, and will be officially released as soon as next year. Li Bin also responded to the research and development progress of NIO mobile phones. He said that NIO has mobile phone research and development teams in Shanghai and Shenzhen, and the overall research and development progress is relatively smooth. In addition, Li Bin also said that if consumers need to replace their mobile phones in the past year, they can temporarily replace them with new ones. Especially for Android users, you can just wait for the NIO mobile phone. It is worth mentioning that some users have viewed the demo of the NIO mobile phone before, saying that the NIO mobile phone is completely designed for competing iPhone.

According to previous information, the price of NIO’s first mobile phone will exceed 5,000 yuan (~$700), and it may even be more than 7,000 yuan (~$1,000), and it is a bar-type phone. In addition, Li Bin also said that the NIO mobile phone will be “the best mobile phone with the NIO car”, and the NIO mobile phone will collide with the NIO car to create more “smart gameplay”.