Improves Efficiency Greatly, New NIO Power Station Spotted


Recently, source reported that NIO will launch a brand new battery replacement station, it will use a multi-threaded intelligent main control design, operation of the battery replacement and battery recycling will be processed synchronously, in order to improve efficiency greatly.

In the exposed power station, vehicles were parked at the center of the station, old and new batteries were transmitted from both sides of the vehicle. The vehicle lifting height has also been reduced compared to the existing power station. When the old battery is replaced, it will be transferred to the right recycling machine by a conveyor belt. At the same time, the new battery will be transferred from the left side of the vehicle to the bottom of the vehicle for installation. The new generation power replacement station will have a relatively large floor area, but the efficiency of battery replacement will be greatly improved.

At present, the old and new batteries are alternately performed in the same channel when replacing the battery in NIO Power (battery replacement station), Although it reduced the footprint on one side, it is not so efficient. When a vehicle enters the power station, it needs to reverse into the power station through a large steep slope, and the vehicle needs to be lifted as a whole during the battery swapping, which will also affect the efficiency of the batter replacement.