Lixiang Auto’s All-New Range-Extender Modeo L8 / L7 Launches in the Chinese Market


On September 30, 2022, Lixiang L8 was officially launched. The new car launched a total of 2 models with a price range of 359,800-399,800 yuan. It is worth mentioning that the price of Lixiang L7 model was announced at the same time, and the new car launched 2 models with a price range of 339,800-379,800 yuan.

As the replacement model of Lixiang ONE, Lixiang L8 is still positioned as a medium-to-large range-extended SUV, and its design has been updated. At the same time, the body size has been upgraded in an all-round way. In terms of configuration, the new car also shows strong competitiveness, with updated drive systems and stronger intelligent cockpit/driving assistance. At the same time, high-end configurations such as four-wheel drive system and air suspension are not absent. Lixiang L7 is positioned as a medium-to-large five-seat SUV, which will be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show and will be delivered by the end of February 2023. The Li Auto Beijing intelligent manufacturing base is expected to be put into use next year, and two flagship models with extended range and pure electric will be put into production.

As a replacement product of Lixiang ONE, the new car is larger in size, with a body size of 5080/1995/1800mm and a wheelbase of 3005mm; the length, width and height are respectively 50/35/40mm longer than those of the Ideal ONE, and the wheelbase is 70mm longer.

In comparison, the body size of the L9 is 5218mm long and the wheelbase is 3105mm, which is still larger than the L8.

In terms of interior, Lixiang L8 also adopts the design that we are more familiar with. The multi-function steering wheel is equipped with a safe driving interactive screen, while the center console area is composed of a large central control screen and a large entertainment screen for the co-pilot, creating a very rich sense of technology.

Lixiang L8’s intelligent driver assistance system (AD) will also be available in Pro and Max versions. Among them, the AD MAX system is equipped with 6 8-megapixel cameras, 5 2-megapixel cameras, 1 128-line lidar, and 12 ultrasonics. Radar and a millimeter-wave radar, as the basis, the new car will be equipped with two NVIDIA Orin-X chips, with a total computing power of 508TOPS, fully reaching the Lixiang L9 level.

The AD Pro model is equipped with a Horizon Journey 5 auxiliary driving chip, and will become the first model in the world to use the domestic intelligent driving chip Horizon Journey 5, with a total computing power of 128TOPS. Li Auto officially announced that by 2025, it will achieve L4-level autonomous driving on highways and closed roads.

As a range-extended EV, the new car will be equipped with the same powertrain as the L9, using a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender, the system has a maximum power of 330 kW, a peak torque of 620 Nm, and a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 5.5 seconds. In terms of battery, Lixiang L8 is equipped with a 42.8 kWh battery pack, and the CLTC pure electric cruising range is 210 kilometers, which is an improvement compared to Lixiang ONE; it is worth mentioning that the CLTC comprehensive cruising range of Lixiang L8 will reach 1315 kilometers. In addition, it will also come standard with four-wheel drive and magic carpet air suspension.

Lixiang L7

In terms of appearance, Lixiang L7 continues to adopt the iconic family-style design with relatively rounded body lines. The inclination angle of the D-pillar of the new car is larger than that of Lixiang L8, and the visual effect is more fashionable. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5050/1995/1750mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3005mm. With the five-seat layout, the interior space is still worth looking forward to.

Similar to the configuration provided by Lixiang L8, Lixiang L7 Pro is equipped with Lixiang’s AD Pro intelligent driving assistance system and the Smart Space Pro version system, and the Lixiang L7 Max uses AD Max intelligent driving system and the Smart Space Max version system. Among them, Lixiang L7 Pro will be equipped with Lixiang AD Pro intelligent driving assistance system as standard, with a total computing power of 128TOPS; Lixiang L7 Max will be equipped with AD Max intelligent driving assistance system as standard. The dual NVIDIA Orin-X computing power chips carried by the Ideal AD Max intelligent assisted driving system can efficiently process the fusion signals of high-definition cameras, lidars, millimeter-wave radars and ultrasonic sensors, with a total computing power of 508TOPS.

In terms of power, Lixiang L7 will be equipped with a new four-wheel-drive extended-range electric system, with a CLTC comprehensive cruising range of 1,315 kilometers and a WLTC comprehensive cruising range of 1,100 kilometers; Lixiang L7 also comes standard with a self-developed intelligent air suspension control system.