LEAPMOTOR Brought Its First Electric SUV C-More to 2019 Shanghai Auto Show


LEAPMOTOR has always been a low-key and pragmatic presence in the new forces of China EV maker. Without too much publicity, but it is indeed every key step in the steady development of mass production for its new EVs.

At present, LEAPMOTOR plans three vehicle platforms, namely S platform, T platform and C platform. The first model of the S platform is the S01, the first model of T platform will be launched at the end of this year. It is a miniature pure electric vehicle for the rental market. The Leapmotor C-more (means “see more”)released on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show is the first model under the C platform, and it will also be the hot model of LEAPMOTOR production line.

As a model that going to be massive-production, C-more will be equipped with self-developed 160kW permanent magnet synchronous motor, it is claimed to have a NEDC’s comprehensive range of no less than 310miles(500km), 0-100kmh acceleration time is 5s, and mass production model will have Level-3 autopilot, and it can be upgraded to L4 by OTA.

It is understood that C-more adopts the “digital curved surface” design style, and the grille-less front face with a short front and rear suspension creates a good visual effect. The current released model on auto show uses electronic rearview mirrors and concealed doors, taillights is also current popular light bar style.

The grille-less front face design is slightly different from LEAPMOTOR’s first model S01.

Headlights on the left and right sides are connected by exquisite light source plaque (the one between the central badge and grille-less front face). The entire plaque can transmit interactive information through the free change of the lights for more personalized expression. A variety of driving assistance information can help users to drive safer. This is similar to the “interactive breathing light” on the front face of Hozon U.

C-more will be equipped with a technologically matrix headlight

The texture of the front badge is very good after lighting up, this is also the design many other new EV uses.

The upper part of the side concealed window adopts the Hill skyline shape, which extends from the A-pillar to the D-pillar. While considering the aerodynamic factors to effectively reduce the wind resistance, the frameless door is also used, the style will be further improved.

Five-spoke two-color petal wheel considers low wind resistance design

Currently, C-more is equipped with electronic rearview mirror.

The large screen in the central control is not absent.

The interior design of C-more is based on the LEAPMOTOR’s “smart cabin” concept, which maximizes the interior lighting effect through the large area of transparent glass. C-more also offers twin 10 inch + 15 inch screen combination.

The “Leap In” Bio Key System, which was first created on LEAPMOTOR S01, was retained, and still uses the “Finger Vein Recognition Unlock” and “Face Recognition” certification to ensure the safety of the vehicle. The system allows the driver to complete the entire operation from entering the vehicle to start without using the key at all.

The LEAPMOTOR C-more independent adjustable seat will be made of Nappa+ suede two-color collage.


In January 2019, S01, the first model of Leapmotor, was officially launched in Beijing. S01 is positioned to a small sports car, a cost performance vehicle, price starts only at 109,900RMB(USD16,352) end at 149,900RMB(USD22,300) after government’s subsidy. Although it is very cheap price, S01 carries many black tech, such as Face recognition startup, Intelligent interconnection system + remote control, intelligent parking system + intelligent driving assistance system, intelligent comfort configuration, vein recognition unlocking, advanced intelligent driving assistance system, face recognition exclusive ID adaptive configuration system, S01 has 22 high-precision sensing devices to support Level 2.5 intelligent driving, and can be upgraded to Level 3 intelligent driving function through OTA online in the future. 0-100 km/h acceleration time recorded at 6.9s. There are two versions of cursing range: 186miles(300km) and 236miles(380km).

LEAPMOTOR is an innovative intelligent electric vehicle company jointly invested by Zhejiang Dahua Technology and its main founders. Founded in 2015, LEAPMOTOR is headquartered in Hangzhou, China. LEAPMOTOR’s business scope covers intelligent electric vehicle design, R&D, intelligent driving, motor electronic control, battery system development, and cloud computing-based car networking solutions.

LEAPMOTOR always adheres to the independent research and development of core technology, it is committed to creating a high-quality, international, global, mainstream smart electric vehicle brand with independent core technology.

Zhu Jiangming, chairman of LEAPMOTOR, repeatedly stressed that LEAPMOTOR’s vehicle is made by IT engineers, LEAPMOTOR wants to design and manufacture smart electric vehicles as electronic products.