Hozon Auto Debuted Eureka 02 Concept Car at 2019 Shanghai Auto Show


At the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, Hozon Auto also launched a new concept car, the Eureka 02. It is understood that the car’s internal code is EPX, based on a new platform.

The front face of the Eureka 02 concept car is very sharp. The headlights are designed with a LED light bar and integrated with the brand LOGO in the middle. The front grille is removed, anyway there is still a black area under the front face, we don’t know if there will be also flashing LED lights on it as the one on Hozon U.

From side view, the Eureka 02 concept car has a smooth design. The B pillar is painted in black to make it a hidden design, and slip back shape, silver floating roof make the car rich in sports. Rich in sportiness. It is worth mentioning that the car also uses a streaming exterior mirror, which not only reduces wind resistance, but also enhances the sense of technology.

The taillights of the Eureka 02 concept car are designed with LED light bar and are divided into upper and lower layers. The slim design widens the lateral visual effect, the upturned ducktail shape and the curved surface design makes the car sporty.

The Hozon Eureka 02 is already listed in Hozon official website, means it will be definitely be mass production, the official information on the power of the car has not been disclosed, and we don’t know when it will be ready in market.