GAC-NIO Established a Joint-Venture to Release a New Brand and New EV


On April 1st 2019, GAC-NIO announced through official channels that it will launch a brand-new brand in the near future and launch a new model based on the new brand.

This will be the first brand new venture established by two Chinese car companies with different backgrounds, styles and business models. One is a startup with an internet background, and the other is a large state-owned automobile group with strong manufacturing capabilities. It is worth noting that GAC-NIO is not a car joint venture in the traditional mode. GAC-NIO calls this cooperation model a “CO-CREATION” company.

According to public information, GAC-NIO New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established on April 10, 2018 with a registered capital of 500 million yuan, including Guangzhou Automobile Group, GAC New Energy, NIO Automobile, and Hubei Changjiang NIO New Energy Industry Development Fund. The partnerships each hold 22.5%, and Guangzhou Kaichuang Gongjin investment partnership holds 10%. The legal representative of GAC-NIO is Li Bin, the chairman of NIO.

The executive team of GAC-NIO is composed of NIO Automobile and Guangzhou Automobile Group. In NIO team, Li Bin served as the chairman of GAC-NIO and vice president of NIO Automotive Industry Development Zhang Yang as director of GAC-NIO. In terms of GAC, Wang Qiujing, Dean of Guangzhou Automobile Research Institute, and Gu Huinan, General Manager of GAC New Energy, were directors of Dean, and appointed Wang Qiujing as vice chairman. Liao Bing was general manager of GAC-NIO.

It is understood that GAC-NIO will focus on the research and development, sales and service of pure electric vehicles in the future, and create an open, shared and independent creation and enjoyment platform and travel ecosystem, integrating all-value chain resources from “industry, resources, technology, The user “multiple dimensions to innovate.

Different from the cooperation of JAC’s “OEM” production, NIO and GAC have clearly launched new brands and products. Judging from the news disclosed at present, the new brand’s product positioning will be lower than NIO, but higher than GAC New Energy. This cooperation mode is the same as that of NIO and Changan Auto.

“GAC-NIO and Chang’an-NIO can be understood as the other two NIO. The manufacturing will be handled by the parent company’s investment entity. For example, GAC-NIO is produced by GAC and Chang’an-NIO is produced by Chang’an Auto, mainly product development and operation and maintenance services are also done by them. However, the positioning and price range of the products produced by the two main players will be lower than that of NIO itself, because they are targeting the more popular market.” Li Bin said in an interview with the 21st Century Business reporter.

Although GAC-NIO was established shortly, it announced that it will officially release its brand-new brand on May 20th 2019, and will also debut the first model. As we all know, GAC-NIO will not produce current models in the future, which means that it will not produce ES series models. So what kind of cars will GAC-NIO produce in the future?

Preview image of GAC-NIO’s first EV

What is exciting is that GAC-NIO released a new car preview image before the first new car debut.

From the appearance, the new car has a cross-border shape, the hub is large in size, the taillight adopts a light bar design, and the lower end of the rear bumper does not have a exhaust shape. Based on the NIO brand, the new car is a pure electric car. We will continue to pay attention and bring you follow-up reports.