Innovative sales model, AIWAYS Auto to develop European market soon


AIWAYS Auto, a Chinese EV startup, made its new moves in its international layout. Recently, we have learned from the official website of AIWAYS that AIWAYS U5 will officially land in the European market. In order to provide users with offline interaction and product test driving places, AIWAYS has established cooperation with European electronics retail giant Euronics to showcase U5 through Euronics’ retail stores in major cities. Each exhibition hall will also be equipped with professional product experts to provide users with a service experience while answering related questions.

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For a long time, AIWAYS has adhered to the strategic planning of parallel development in China and abroad. Since the first SUV, the AIWAYS U5, was launched in China on December 19, 2019, the European version of the AIWAYS U5 is also moving forward. It is reported that during the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, AIWAYS will announce that the European version of the U5 is officially sold to the European market, and adopts a retail model different from the traditional dealer model to create an innovative direct sales model, allowing manufacturers to face users, while providing new car sales, it can also meet users’ short-term or long-term car demand.

Dr. Alexander Klose, Executive Vice President of AIWAYS in charge of international operations, said: “Based on a large amount of data analysis, we are constantly aware of the changes in current market demand and the preferences of younger consumers. The sales mode of AIWAYS in Europe will open up U5’s online purchase channels in all directions, making convenient online car purchase a new trend in the European market. At present, we will open the U5 market in Europe by leasing model. In the future, we will consider a variety of suitable for consumer consumption Customary car ownership methods, including innovative direct sales models. “

In order to guarantee the after-sales service guarantee for European customers, AIWAYS will also establish cooperation with well-known local after-sales service providers to achieve a service network every ten kilometers, and the professional guidance team will systematically train and guide partners to Ensure a perfect after-sales service system in the local area.

It is reported that the official website of AIWAYS Europe has been officially launched. The website will provide basic model data of AIWAYS U5, test drive appointments and configuration information of model selection. Users can make online bookings, select car use time through the official website, and Suppliers that provide leasing services will hand over their products to users, with the first deliveries scheduled for August 2020.