Dongfeng-Renault K-ZE Unveiled in China as An All-Electric Compact SUV


A test video of Renault pure electric vehicle K-ZE was exposed. Although the vehicle has camouflage coverage from nose to tail, it can be seen that it is highly similar to the previously released K-ZE concept car. The Renault K-ZE debuted at the Paris Motor Show in October 2018. This will be the first EV model from Renault in China market, K-ZE will be produced by Dongfeng-Renault in Shiyan, China. It is expected to be launched in China in 2019 and will be exported to other markets later.

The Renault K-ZE pure electric vehicle is positioned in a small SUV, it is much smaller than the EQC recently released by Mercedes-Benz. The new car uses a lot of blue elements to highlight the positioning of its new energy identity. The overall design is cute, the tail is more lovely than the front face. The NEDC (European Endurance Test Standard) range is 155miles(250km). The range may be improved in China to cope with the competition of BYD Yuan and MG EZS.

The interior design of the production model Renault K-ZE is highly consistent with the Renault Kwid (K-ZE petrol version). The entire center center console is very regular and simple, the layout of each functional area is very regular. In addition, the center console and the steering wheel are partially embellished with blue decorative pieces to highlight its unique identity.

The car has an 8-inch multi-function LCD touch screen, and the knob shift is also present in the car.

In terms of power, the Renault K-ZE uses a dual-charge system that can be charged either with a household plug or with a public facility.

Renault has actually achieved some achievements in Europe in electric vehicles, it is one of the earliest manufacturers making electric vehicles. Since 2009, Renault has released 6 electric vehicles, ranking first in the European electric vehicle market, with 22% market share and one-third of the market holdings. However, Renault K-ZE will face fierce competition in China market, such as BYD Yuan, GAC GE3, and MG EZS.