Dongfeng Rich 6 Pickup is a Rebadging Nissan NAVARA


Rich 6 (Ruiqi 6) is a pickup truck developed by Zhengzhou-Nissan based on NISSAN NAVARA. It is positioned above new Dongfeng Rick pickup, anyway It differs from NISSAN NAVARA in its appearance, the front face has a new design style, and the front grille part also incorporates a highly recognizable chrome finish to accentuate the style of fashion and tough style.

Although it is based on NISSAN model, it is still different from the design. It is neither as square as the new Rich nor as rounded as NAVARA. The headlights of Rich 6 are equipped with height adjustment function and equipped with front fog lights, while LED daytime running lights are only available on luxury and flagship models. The front fog lights are outlined in a dynamic line. One interesting detail is that the chrome decoration near the fog lights is only available on the flagship type.

The rear view mirror is integrated with LED turn signal. Actually Rich 6 is a product positioning between the new Rich and NISSAN NAVARA with size of 5290 × 1850 × 1810mm, wheelbase of 3150mm, compared with the same segment models, the overall body size performance is quite satisfactory. The car side shape is basically maintained with NISSAN NAVARA. In terms of the passability, the approach angle, departure angle and minimum ground clearance of Rich 6 and NISSAN NAVARA are 31°/31°, 20/26°, 207mm/215mm, in contrast, Rich 6 is inferior. Rich 6 is equipped with 255/70 R16 tires, and the brakes front disc type and rear drum type.

The rear end is very similar to NISSAN NAVARA. The automatic transmission model is equipped with only two parking radars, the reversing image is only available to the flagship model. Both truck bed frame and the rope hook are equipped, it is convenient to bundle and fix the cargo. The AT label on the rear truck indicates its automatic transmission, and the ESP function is available on all models above the standard model. The length, width and height of the truck bed are 1510×1562×475mm. The height of the rear pedal is 710mm, compared with the same model (the 620mm for the Maxus T60 and the 590mm for the Zhongxing Terralord), the height of the pedal is slightly higher than the ground.

The central control part adopts two-color matching, it does not look too dull, the interior design is relatively neutral, which is not fashionable. The materials on central console area are made of hard plastic materials, which is limited by cost. This is also the case for most of this segment. The instrument panel is an ordinary double-circle design. The matching of the white characters on the black background facilitates the driving computer to include information such as average fuel consumption, cruising range and driving time.

It is equipped with a 7-inch large screen, which contains Bluetooth, mobile phone interconnection and other functions. The knob has a moderate damping and no difficulty in getting started, but the UI design is a bit outdated. The luxury and flagship models of the Rich 6 are also equipped with automatic air conditioning, which is rare in this segment.

In terms of power, there are two engines available, 2.4L gasoline and 2.5T diesel. The 2.4L gasoline engine has maximum power of 158ps and peak torque of 230 Nm. The transmission system is matched with 5MT gearbox; 2.5T diesel engine is also mounted on the new Rich, its maximum power is 140 ps, peak torque is 305 Nm, the transmission system is matched with 5MT and 6AT gearbox, 6AT gearbox is from ZF and with economic, sports and snow driving mode, which are relatively rare in the same segment. The four-wheel drive system comes from BorgWarner, but it is not equipped with a rear axle differential lock, which will affect its ability of off-road. The suspension structure is the common front double wishbone type, rear leaf spring, and the elastic element is 5 pieces of variable section steel plate.

Price of Dongfeng Rich 6 is 84,800 to 139,800 yuan (~US$12,346 – US$20,353) in China market.