Riich G6 Review and Road Test – Summary


Chery Riich G6 Summary:
After we saw and understand the characteristics of the new Riich G6, I do not know what you will think, at least I feel that configurations are extreme rich, which the daily use, and things can or can not be thoughtful , they all have in it, and even comparing with other foreign luxury cars, it is not located in inferior position in configuration except there is not too much technology content, and it is indeed proud that such high-end model is produced by an independent brand.

Riich G6 Summary
It is said that this new model will be launched in the second half of this year, but currently there is no specific pricing, I believe Chery will offer a very attractive price for such a rich configuration model which has always been well known as a cost-effective brand, we guess the price of this new model would be around 300 thousand RMB.

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