Official Images Of JETOUR T-1 a Hardcore SUV from Chery


CHERY’s sub-brand Jetour officially released the winter test spy photos of the mass-produced model JETOUR T-1. The new car is positioned as a medium-sized hardcore off-road SUV, with 5 and 7 seats layout. Earlier media reports said that the new car may start pre-sale in April 2023, and its suspected pre-sale price was exposed, among them, there are 5 fuel version models, and the pre-sale price range is 149,800 to 186,800 yuan; the hybrid version model is offered by 2 models in total, and the pre-sale price range is 196,800 to 206,800 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the mass-produced version of JETOUR T-1 still continues the hard-core design. The real car design is sharp and angular. Some details of the new car have been camouflaged. Although the headlights have a square outline, the headlights are suspected to have a circle. shaped lens. The entire grille is blackened and connected through the headlights. The bumper also adopts a black design, and a tow hook and other designs are added. The entire bumper has a three-dimensional layering.

On the side of the body, the wheel arches of the real car protrude outwards and are equipped with large-sized tires. The window frames are sharp and angular, showing a hard-core style. The roof is not equipped with a luggage rack, or it will be the same as before, using a suspension car Top design.

As for the interior, according to the previous spy photos, the interior will also adopt a hardcore design style with sharp edges and corners. In terms of details, a large-size double-spoke steering wheel is used in the car, and it is equipped with a large-size floating central control. A wireless charging device should be designed under the display screen.

Previously, JETOUR revealed that T-1 has developed more than 20 scenarios such as off-road scenes, drone scenes, and camping scenes. In terms of products and configurations, there are parking air conditioners, trailer qualifications, wading sensors, there are platform luggage racks, etc.

In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with BorgWarner’s sixth-gen four-wheel drive product, with two types of engines: 1.6T/2.0T, and gearboxes with 7DCT and 8AT. The new car will be pre-sold at the Shanghai Auto Show in April and will be listed in the third quarter in the Chinese market.