Eastar Cross Review and Road Test – Appearance


Chery Eastar Cross is a recreational vehicle developed based on Eastar platform, the overall shape integrates with the former model’s steady and stylish style, it adds more life elements on this basis, it gives a fresh feeling. Body height is 1590mm, and it gives passengers the convenience of getting on or off the car and also plenty of head room, there is no depression feeling.

Chery Eastar Cross Demension

Chery Eastar Cross Demension

The most notable on Eastar Cross‘ front face is the large intake grille, it’ a bit like Audi’s style, the logo is embedded in the middle. Retraction-type crystal diamond headlight group is with pure black background, placing on both sides, from within a common outline pick up micro-arc suits, and a trapezoidal move for the dynamic response. Rearview mirrors with LED turn lights to increase the grade of vehicle, the handle feeling and work of the chrome door handles are very good.

Chery Eastar Cross Headlight Sytle

Chery Eastar Cross Appearance Details

The overall design of the tail part on Eastar Cross is well, but the detail part is not very comprehensive in consideration. When the trunk lid and the body interface designed specifically faults aside, just an extension of the rear bumper, concise and pragmatic, with the tail light are LED type, respectively, on both sides of the rear hatch, but some length is shorter, brake lights, showing the wide light and turn signals together, a little crowded, if the length of the extension down again, from the visual point of view would be more comfortable.

Chery Eastar Cross

In overall view, Eastar Cross‘ appearance process has reached a considerable level, it has a great improvement whether the painting quality and welding joints by comparing with other domestic vehicles.

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