Chery’s New Tiggo 7 will Come Soon in Chinese Market, Adding 1.6T Engine


Recently, we obtained the declaration information of Chery Auto’s new compact SUV model from China MIIT. From the tail badge “TIGGO 7”, we may know this is a new generation of Chery Tiggo 7. However, Chery official said that this new “Tiggo 7” will have new name in the future. Regarding to power, the new “Tiggo 7” offers both 1.5T / 1.6T engines.

From the declaration images, the appearance of the new “Tiggo 7” has changed considerably compared to the current model. The black hexagonal grille has a large size, narrow and wide in outline, and the interior is covered with a star-shaped chrome-plated piece arranged in a row, the two sides are connected with a slender LED headlight group. In the front bumper, the new car is equipped with a double-bar LED fog lamp that is inlaid in a concave three-dimensional shape and looks quite unique. The body shape of new “Tiggo 7” is also significantly different from the current model, which uses a floating roof design. The rear end design style of the new “Tiggo 7” is similar to the new Tiggo 8, the bar-style taillights are made of a deep red base, which is matched with a large rear spoiler, simple tailgate shape, as well as the bilateral two-out chrome-plated exhaust. On this basis, the 1.6T model only added a 290 TGDI tail badge at the trunk.

In terms of size, the new “Tiggo 7” has a length and width of 4500/1842/1746mm and a wheelbase of 2670mm. Compared with the current Tiggo 7, the new car’s three-dimensional has a full range of growth, while the wheelbase remains the same, the front and rear wheel-track are slightly widened.

Depending on the different trim level, the new Tiggo 7 will also offer two-tone body color, a variety of styles of 17/18/19-inch wheels, front and rear parking radar, panoramic sunroof, millimeter wave radar, window trim, reversing image/panoramic image, black exterior mirrors, luggage racks, shark fin antennas, privacy glasses, etc. In terms of power, the new “Tiggo 7” offers both 1.5T/1.6T engines, among them, the 1.5T model is equipped with SQRE4T15C 1.5T engine, the maximum power is 156 horsepower; 1.6T (290TGDI) model is equipped with SQRF4J16 1.6T engine, the maximum power is 197 horsepower. We will continue to pay attention to more information about this new car.