Chery’s Chief Designer Kevin to Leave, Steve Eum Will Succeed


After giving Chinese car brand Chery Auto a lot of fresh design ideas and successful design works, Mr Kevin Rice, global chief designer of Chery Automobile, will leave Chery and start new job from March 1st, as the new chief creative officer of Italian design company Pininfarina Pininfarina Design Company, the official announcement date is also on the 90th birthday of Pininfarina. The British designer replaced Carlo Bonzanigo, who left the company for personal reasons at the end of September 2019.

It is reported that the 56-year-old Kevin Rice will officially return to Turin, Italy on March 1st, return to the place where he worked in 1988, and also where he started his professional designer career at Italdesign. At present, there is no change in the position of social networking sites, but the successor has updated its position.

In 1986, Kevin Rice graduated from Coventry University in England with a degree in Industrial Design and Transportation and was sponsored by the Royal Academy of Arts in London. He has worked in and Ital Design Research Institute, Italy, and Opel, Saab, Ford, BMW and Mazda and other major mainstream car companies in the world, he has rich product design experience and achieved brilliant achievements. In his resume, he also served as the design director of Mazda Europe for 5 years, leaving the company in August 2018. His most famous projects include BMW 1 Series, 3 Series (2011) and 4 Series (2013) series, as well as Mazda MX-5, CX-3 with RX Vision concept.


Looking back at the Chery products designed and developed by Kevin Rice, the first of these is, of course, Chery’s premium brand: several works of EXEED models and concept cars; simple and pure design is the EXEED brand gene, “intelligence-aesthetics” ” is of course the design language that Kevin wants to pass on to consumers. The succeeding launch of EXEED TX and LX can give knowledge into the different supply and demand that Chery’s high-end brand is bringing to the market. Of course, the amazing EXEED LX Concept and E-IUV concept car also show the growth of Chery design.

Steve Eum may succeed Kevin’s position in Chery Auto

It is learned from Chery Design Center that Mr Steve Eum, an American Korean-descent designer, has taken up his position as the Vice President and General Manager of Design of Chery Automobile. He should formally replace Kevin Rice. Steve Eum, the veteran of former GM design, who graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts and has joined Chery since July 2017, will be more confident to lead Chery out of a well-known avenue.

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro

The new SUV mass production concept car represents the growth of the new design concept of Chery’s Life in Motion 3.0 (Chery Tiggo 7 Pro is the one). Mr Steve Eum said that unlike the life in motion 1.0 inner active water body and Life in motion 2.0’s tiger-like artificial representations, the design concept of Life in motion 3.0 has evolved and entered the era of picture beauty. “The design of this car is inspired by the power and peaks of the mountains with the pleasing effect and goodness of nature.”

Who is Pininfarina?

Of course, let’s talk briefly about who Pininfarina is! Cars have been in continuation for 133 years since 1886. Due to the manufacturing process and other factors, early cars can be said to be basically assembled, and there is no design. It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that with the development of manufacturing processes and the growth of automobile user coverage, the concept of automobile design began to grow in a real sense.Pininfarina is one of the three largest car design companies in the world, also known as the super design factory.

Pininfarina is a vehicle design company famous for designing Ferraris. Founded by Barttista Farina in 1930, at that time it was just a small workshop for the design and production of car bodies, starting from the 1950s car design business. Unlike ITAL DESIGN, which has always been under the single responsibility of Italdesign Giugiaro, Pininfarina has always survived as a design office. Although the leadership has always been a member of the Pininfarina family, as they always consider the general manager’s outer consultation system.