Chery Unveiled New Model: Chery S61 Will be a New EV from Its All-Aluminum Pure Electric Platform


Recently, we learned from Chery Auto that the Chery code-named S61 officially went offline. The new car uses a new exterior design language or is based on an all-aluminum pure electric platform, it is scheduled to be launched in mid-2020. 

From the appearance point of view, the new car uses a design that is significantly different from Chery’s existing models, or it will become the design trend of Chery’s new energy models in the future. Specifically, Chery S61 features a split headlight group. The interior of the lamp group is a matrix light source, which is highly recognizable; the front is penetrated by a chrome trim with fake grille design commonly used in pure electric vehicles. Anyway, this kind of style looks much like a Lynk & Co model…

Looking at the rear of the car, Chery S61 adopts the popular bar-style tail light design. The light sources on both sides are arranged horizontally, the effect is quite good after lighting. In addition, Chery S61 is also equipped with a combination of black and silver elements under the guard, looks more refined.

In terms of interior, the new car uses dual screen design. It is expected that it will provide full LCD instruments with horizontal air conditioning vents below; a large number of leather and wood grain trim packages also make the new car look more gorgeous. In addition, the new car uses a new style of gear lever, which has a strong sense of technology. At the moment, Chery has not yet disclosed any info about power combination.

In August 2019, Chery New Energy Automobile mentioned in an event that the company was developing an all-aluminum pure electric platform model and will release three electric models beginning with “S” by 2020, each of which is S81 EV, S61 EV and S57 EV, these three models are mainly coupe and SUV, or will be equipped with four-wheel drive system.

In addition, Chery official has disclosed that the platform model will cooperate with some Chinese high-tech company, it is expected to provide face recognition, ADAS, 5G-V2X and other services.