Chery Tiggo 4 (Tiggo 5x) Review: Front & Rear Crash Beam Teardown


Chery Tiggo 4 (It calls “Tiggo 5x” 瑞虎5x in China market) is a nice car for urban commuting and easy to drive, although power output is not so smooth, the chassis is bit loose as well as noise is loud. So what about the internal workmanship and quality of materials of this car? Today, we will reviewed it from the front and rear crash bean, so that to have a detailed understanding.

Front crash beam is too thin

For any car, the bumper absorber is is a must, because it is not only the function of filling, most importantly, it can be effectively reduce the damage to pedestrians in low-speed collisions. But unfortunately, we did not find the bumper energy absorber after we removed Tiggo 4 (Tiggo 5x) front bumper.

The Tiggo 4 (Tiggo 5x) front crash beam is double roll forming bow-shape, with a thickness of 1.3 mm. Although it is thicker than WEY VV5 (thickness of 1.2mm), it is still thin enough. It should be known that the standard for the thickness of the crash beam steel plate is not less than 1.2 mm, otherwise the crash beam can not play its due role.

Compared with the poor front crash beam, the front crash box on this Tiggo 4 (Tiggo 5x) is even smaller. The length of crash box is very short, so it can hardly absorb energy, the distance between the crash beam and the water tank is also very close, the front crash beam will directly damage the water tank after bending if a low-speed collision occurs.

We have been emphasizing that the crash beam must be tough and reliable, the strength must be higher than the crash box, otherwise, the crash box will not be collapsed if the collision occurs, but the crash beam has already bent first, so the crash beam will not play its role properly.

Rear crash beam: Tailgate protrudes, so the rear beam is useless

The Tiggo 4 (Tiggo 5x) rear crash beam is a single-layer stamped steel plate with a thickness of only 1.26 mm. This crash beam is fragile and can even be bent by hand.

The crash box is not available on the rear bumper reinforcement, the rear crash beam is directly installed on the vehicle body, so it will not fully absorb energy if a low-speed collision occurs, and the tailgate and trunk will be seriously damaged. This is not really a crash beam, frankly say, it is a decoration.

In addition, the Tiggo 4 (Tiggo 5x) tailgate protrudes from the impact beam, the crash beam will not work properly if a collision occurs. As a result, the tailgate would have been broken while the rear crash beam is still intact.

For the role of the crash beam, we will still emphasize that the crash beam is not 100% related to the safety of the car body, its function is only to reduce the maintenance cost in case of low-speed collision, and it is also the way we test the material quality of the manufacturer.

Summary: Cheap car does not mean that quality should be cheap.

Till now, many friends may say, “What do you want to have for such a cheap car?” To be honest, Tiggo 4(Tiggo 5x)’s front and rear crash beams should be worse than other models in the same class, Changan CS55 has an aluminum alloy front crash beam, many models are equipped with bumper absorber foam in same segment…

Note: The Tiggo 4 we reviewed this time is a 2017 Tiggo 5x China Spec.